A Good Yarn

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nope, it's fall

The flip flops went over great!! Jessica just loved them and immediately put them on - one of each, of course. I could have guessed.

Scrubs starts tonight, which means the fall tv season has begun. The last pre-season football game is this week. Red started Kindergarten today. And the State Fair wraps up this weekend. It's official, summer's over. This summer went WAY too fast!

My friend Kathy is working with a bugs theme for work, so I made these bugs for her last night:

They're made with strips of paper - it's called quilling. I love the grasshopper!!! I think I'll make a few more tomorrow night. Tonight I want to do some knitting.

Last weekend I was working on a "secret" project - I'm thinking it may be for RAOK or SP III. It's wire knitting, and I can't finish because I lost the last of the wire that I was going to use for finishing. It's so annoying, because I thought one spool of wire was going to be enough - no. So I buy more wire. Still not enough. So I buy a 3rd package. It's finally enough, but now I've lost the spool with the little bit that's left to do the finishing touches. ARGH! Note to self: when doing wire knitting, use the large spools, not the little ones.

I keep forgetting to mention that I finished reading "Sock". I liked it pretty well. It's a little heavy handed, but I liked the way he combined pop culture references with the story. There were parts where the story was really absorbing too. The end was a bit disappointing though.

Now I'm reading this: