A Good Yarn

Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's Still Summer, right?

I made a couple of pairs of knitted flip flops for my niece, Jessica. Her birthday was Saturday and I really thought she'd like these:

As you can see, they're a little too big for me, but I hope Jessica likes them. I think they're super cute. I may even make a pair for myself, even though flip flops really bother my toes.

The week was fairly busy, work-wise, so I haven't done that much else. Thursday I went to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, also known as the Minnesota State Fair. The MN State Fair is really a bigger deal here than anywhere else, I think. It's always one of my favorite times of year and we had a great time. I'll be going back again at least once more.

Friday night the Vikings played, but we decided to give our tickets away since it's a pre-season game and those are usually not all that much fun, at least once the starts leave the game. The first half was pretty darn fun, though!

Yesterday I saw this movie:

It was pretty good. The music is good, of course, and there are cameos from contemporary singers such as Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morisette, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall.