A Good Yarn

Friday, November 12, 2004


Finished up another project last night, the beaded cuffs for Matt's mom.

I hope he's in the office today so I can give them to him. Now I'm just working on one project - Florentine Flattery. Don't worry, I'll be starting some new stuff this weekend. Isn't it exciting?

Speaking of beaded cuffs, I broke down and bought SNB Nation yesterday. I was dying to see the book and see my pattern and once I had it in my grubby little hands, I didn't want to let go. I decided I wanted to support the book and support the store by buying the book. I told my stepmom about the pattern and she said she wants to buy the book, even though she doesn't even knit. Maybe I'll send this copy to her instead. I really like the book a lot. There are some super cool patterns and I enjoy reading the little blurbs about the patterns and about the knitters. There's another knitter from the Twin Cities with a pattern in there and hers has a skull and crossbones option too - what a coincidence! I probably will be starting the punk rocker dolls this weekend - they'll be a Christmas present for my brother.

I'll leave you with a few puppy prints. My computer is set up on the dining room table in my very small house, so Finbar usually sits right beside me when I'm at the computer. I was eating, so Fiona joined him:

Fiona WAS in that patch of floor next to Finbar, but as soon as I picked up the camera, she walked away, as you can see. She doesn't like having her picture taken. I did manage to snap one of her while I was taking a picture of the cuffs.

Don't be fooled by the bright sun, it's cold out!