A Good Yarn

Monday, November 01, 2004

ONE more day!!

I thought it was going to be another incredibly busy weekend, but it ended up being more doable than last weekend.

I spent a few hours working on the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort on Saturday. The precinct I was calling is solidly Democratic, so I'm sure Betty will have no trouble being re-elected and the woman running for State House apparently usually wins about 90% of the vote, but if Kerry does take Minnesota, I'll feel at least a little bit a part of that victory.

After I left the HQ, I checked out the last weekend of the catalog sale. Not too much of interest the first time I went and nothing that exciting this weekend, either. I bought a few small things. Then I headed into the office and took care of a few things I needed to get done.

Saturday night I had dinner with a friend at Singapore. I had my favorite, chicken curry. It was absolutely delicious, along with some very, very yummy bread. I had the leftovers last night and enjoyed them again. I highly recommend this place. After dinner we went over to Barnes & Noble and knit for a bit in the Starbucks cafe. When I walked in the door, I saw a guy with blood running down his cheek and freaked out for a second before I remembered it was Halloween weekend and it was just a costume.

Sunday my brother and I decided to try out Hell's Kitchen for breakfast before the game, but it was packed, so we went over to The Local instead - even better, a bloody mary!! Turns out I should have had a few more, because the game was excruciating. I think after the 41-0 embarrassment that was the NFC Championship game in early 2001, Daunte gets too jacked up and tries too hard against the Giants. It was against the Giants that he was benched in 2002. It was after the loss against the Giants in 2003 that Red McCombs chastised the team, calling it "humiliating". Well, this game was even more humiliating. We ended up leaving the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter. And I RARELY leave the game early. Since I got home early, I managed to rake a few leaves and get some housework done before the trick or treaters started arriving.

There was an awesome scene on Desperate Housewives last night. Carlos' mother arrived to help him find out if Gabrielle is having an affair. Mama and Gabrielle are sitting in the living room, with Mama knitting. She tells Gabrielle a story about how she was young when she met her husband and he was abusive. Once he beat Carlos and after that, he disappeared. A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do. Throughout this story, her knitting gets faster and more menacing. Gabrielle keeps looking at those sharp needles, moving back and forth. By the end, they sounds like knives clanging against each other. Very menacing!!

I leave you with the most important message - VOTE!!!!!!!