A Good Yarn

Friday, April 08, 2005


I hate it when people apologize for not posting for so long, but I find myself doing it all the time. It's so lame. The thing is, I then end up posting a huge post, which I know is annoying for the reader. But, here goes.

I was going to post on Sunday, but I ended up spending most of the day at my brother's house. The pipes backed up into his duplex and flooded the place - mostly Jessica's room and the kitchen. Thank goodness I have a wet-vac and we were able to get it cleaned up for the most part. The homeowner snaked out the pipes and everything is working fine now.


I haven't knit much this week, but I have been beading. I made another bracelet with crystals I bought at the closeout sale:

Jessica liked that style, so I went to Insomniac Beads and got some red and black crystals to make a bracelet and some earrings to match her red sparkly prom dress:

It's been absolutely gorgeous all week here in Minnesota - sunny and warm! Such a fast change from the snow and cold of just a couple of weeks ago. I started packing away the sweaters and unpacking the summer clothes, but haven't only just started. I wore my brand new green suit on Monday with my really cool new turquoise and lime shoes. I really need turquoise jewelry to tie the suit and shoes together, but I don't have any bracelets that color, so I made myself a nice and bright one:

I love spring!!!

Secret Pal

My Secret Pal revealed herself and sent her final gift:

I love it! No one ever knits for me, so I'm pretty excited to get a knitted gift. This is a really neat shape, with a nice full bottom. Jenanne sent me that beautiful purple brooch earlier and as soon as I saw this bag I thought how perfect it would be on this bag. I love it.

She also sent me the great sheep magnet below:

I have a metal filing cabinet right next to my desk, so I love having this magnet right next to me. The magnet above it is one I picked up while I was doing some shopping for my secret pal - it reminded me of pretty much every date I've been on over the last few years.

You've been an awesome pal, Jenanne!!!

Renee's Reviews

Last night, I saw this movie with my brother:

I liked it, but didn't love it. I loved the look of it. It was really, really cool. Rodriguez was able to really bring the look and feel of the graphic novel to the film. The cinematography was amazing and almost any shot in the movie could be a beautiful poster. I liked the looping, crossing structure of the film, reminiscent of Pulp Fiction. It really gives you a sense of unease and adds to the overall feel of the film. I also loved the way you couldn't really tell when the film took place - there's great big chunky cell phone, razor phones, cars from many different eras, classic costumes that look very modern and yet like the 1950s. On the downside, it really is all about the images and the feel and not so much a cohesive storyline. Everything is so unreal that you don't really get involved in the characters lives in an effective way. As a warning for others, it's also very violent and pretty sexist. There's a sense of post-feminist grrrl power in the prostitutes who control their own section of town and how the men who victimize women are punished, but the bondage wear and the prevalence of violence against women as spectacle are pretty sexist.


That's the recap of my week. I'll leave you with a picture of Finbar - he really wanted me to get off the computer and let him outside!