A Good Yarn

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wow, Time Flies!

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. Partly been a busy week and partly I didn't have much knitting to show. I finished up the beaded project I was working on, but I'm going to wait to post it until I know if I'm going to use it for the Beaded Knitting Group kit for June. I also worked on Mariah, but one sleeve looks like the other, so what's the point of posting. I also worked on Lucky and I've made some progress, but it's not all that much different than last time.

Things have gotten super nice and springy around here, so I'm probably not going to get to wear Mariah and Lucky once they're done, but perhaps it'll take me all summer to make Lucky. I'm absolutely loving the warmer weather and the sun! The pictures I post today were taken outside, which facilitates much better photos. Now if we could just get a bit of green and flowers, it'd be ideal!

With the spring weather, I've felt more like buying spring clothes. When they first appeared in the stores, I just couldn't stand even trying them on. It was so cold out that the idea of a thin cotton blouse was horrible. But now.... Ahhh.... And those cute spring colors. I'm still on my green kick, but I'm adding in a little bright blue - sort of a torquoisey color. While I was shopping, I stopped in Bijoux Bead in Rosedale. They are going out of business this weekend, so everything was 70% off. I got a bunch of stuff for about $25. Nice! They still had some crystal cubes left, so I bought some olive ones and made this bracelet:

I went to Bead Monkey to get the bi-cones and decided to join their bead of the month club. I signed up for 6 months ahead of time and got a kit for this necklace as part of the package:

I'm thinking about taking out some of the small crystals and shortening it up a bit.

On Friday I met my friend Saralee at The Yarnery so she could pick out the yarn for a sweater I'm going to knit for her granddaughter. I also gave her the Baby Uggs and other stuff I already knit for the baby. She really liked them. We picked out a yarn from Rowan's new line called RY Classic:

This is great stuff! It's a blend of cotton, polyamide, angora, viscose and cashmere. So soft and lovely! The store owner was knitting a sweater for herself out of that green color and brought it out to show us. It was so heavenly! And it's so much fun to go yarn shopping when I'm not paying the bills!

Friday I also went to my niece, Jessica's school, to help her pick out a prom dress. A sorority at the U of MN has program where they collect new and used formal dresses, shoes and accessories and offer them for free to lower income girls. It was so fun to see all the girls trying on the pretty dresses. They were so excited! Jessica picked out a very long and slinky red, sparkly dress. She's very thin and looked fantastic in this dress. She also picked out a pair of gold sequined shoes and a little gold bag. She was very happy and excited about it. I think the only alteration I'll have to make is shortening the straps for her.

I finished up Blow Fly this week too. It was pretty disappointing. There were parts that were really good, but it's no where near as good as those first couple of Scarpetta books that I would stay up all night to finish because I was so absorbed. I started my next Book Club selection: