A Good Yarn

Monday, March 21, 2005

Do I HAVE to Go Back to Work?

I enjoyed my time at home yesterday a lot. I didn't get enough housework done and I didn't knit much, but I did do that necklace I posted yesterday and then I made these rings:

They had similar ones at Insomniac Beads, so I made some for myself. Ignore the long tails - I need to put a little super glue on the knots before I cut the tails and my glue is in the office.

The thing about beading that's different than knitting is that it's quicker. Unless you're doing something very complicated, you can usually finish something in a few hours. And that's great. However, it also makes it hard to step away until you finish, because you always have only a little bit more. With knitting, I can generally just set it down whenever is convenient and take care of business. With that necklace, I kept re-arranging things and adding things and it ended up taking about 2.5 - 3 hours to make. And I didn't want to stop and do housework because I knew I was close to done.

I did do some knitting with beads, but no pictures because it may be my kit for our BeadKnitting Club knitalong.