A Good Yarn

Monday, May 16, 2005

This is novel

Actual knitting content, instead of just yarn. I haven't just been photographing and cataloging yarn, I have been knitting too. I finished up the back of Mariah:

I decided to shorten the cabled ribbing a couple of inches because I'm so short waisted. I figured it would make me look even more short and squatty to have a long ribbing section.

I had a much needed day of rest and relaxation at home yesterday with this guy:

After sleeping in late, reading email, mowing and blogging, I managed to do a little dishes, laundry and knitted and watched the special features on my latest selection from Netflix - Touching the Void. This is an outstanding movie - it's so inspiring. I also knitted and watched the Survivor finale. Best season since Outback. I also spent 2 hours ironing clothes. I hate ironing, so when I do laundry I just throw the clothes that need to be ironed in a pile. It was past a pile to a mountain. After two hours, I made a dent, but there's still a big pile. Argh.