A Good Yarn

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Saturday was our monthly TC AK Knit Together. We met at Yarn Cafe this month. It was a smaller group, which was kind of nice, because it was easier to talk together as a group. I didn't buy any yarn, but I did pick up a couple of patterns and signed up for a trip to Mexico. So, I spent way more money than I've ever spent in one day on yarn - even at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I think it'll be an awesome trip though. Mexico in January will be very nice.

I saw this new movie:

Such a great movie. It was filmed in black and white and the cinematography was GORGEOUS! I think I've mentioned that I'm taking a film class right now and we've been watching some classic films, also in black and white. This film fits right into that tradition - in particular the use of cigarette smoke to create character and mood. For today's society, it's somewhat disconcerting to see Edward R. Murrow light up for the evening telecast. But it reminded me of Bogart in "The Maltese Falcon." I'm a huge fan of David Strathairn from his work with John Sayles and he turns in another great performance. I'm too young to have memories of Murrow, but I have seen clips of him over the years and it seems like Strathairn captured his bearing and attitude as well as his speech patterns. He portrays Murrow as a very serious journalist who takes no pleasure in his conflict with Joe McCarthy. I'm a huge, huge fan of George Clooney (I've seen all but one of his movies since 1994 when he started getting good roles), so it's no surprise I enjoyed his performance. But this really is a departure for him. He put on a little weight and does not rely on his charm and looking out from under those eyelashes or dimpled smile seduction. With the talent shown by this film and "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", I fear that Clooney may turn his attention solely to directing and I won't be able to drool over him on film much longer. I saw a prominent local television news anchor in the theater when I saw this, and was behind him and his wife as they walked out and they seemed to enjoy the film also.

Do you remember this project:

Project Name: Poncho
Pattern Source: Stitch 1 Knit 1
Yarn: Moda Dea Dream
Yarn Source: Michael's
Date Started: 1/25/05
Date Completed: 10/16/05

I originally started this poncho as a special request from Alexis for a pink, furry poncho. After I knit the first half, I realized it was going to be way too small for her, so I set it aside and bought her the poncho she originally saw at Limited Too. I decided to pick this poncho back up again and finish it up. I'm hoping it will fit Katie. I haven't decided whether I'm going to put the fringe on the bottom or not.

This has been a very difficult week. My grandmother passed away, but the funeral isn't until next week. My car also died on me last weekend. After spending a couple of days trying to figure out what is wrong with it and trying to get it repaired, I've now faced the fact that I'll have to get a different car. So, now I've gotta try to find something that doesn't cost a lot but is reliable. On top of all of that, the beginning of the week was pretty stressful work-wise. I had to take a trip up north for a home visit on Monday and was able to borrow a car from Bill. It was a gorgeous drive. I wished I could take some pictures to post, but I just couldn't capture the beauty. My photos are never as lovely as Cara's and seem pretty pathetic. Then last night on the way to my film class, Bill's car had a "check engine" light, so I drove back home and had to miss class. And last, and definitely least, the Vikings are just pathetic. It's so not fun to be a season ticket holder right now.