A Good Yarn

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hola Amigas!

I'm back from Mexico!! I had an awesome time and I'm so glad I went on the trip! I have a lot of stuff to share, so I'm going to break this into a couple of different entries over the next few days.

I had a busy and fun week before I left on vacation too. On Wednesday night I took a bead class at Bead Gallery in Woodbury. I really enjoyed it and I think I'll take some more classes there. The teacher gave an overview of what we were going to do, then she went through each step slowly. The overview was enough for more advanced beaders and one woman learned everything she needed to and left class after about an hour. For the rest of us, the step by step instruction was very clear and easy to follow. I finished up my bracelet when I got home and I'll post a picture of it later in the week. Thursday night I went to the Gopher Women's Basketball game with some friends. Such a great game! It went into overtime, but the Gophers lost :-)

Friday I went home right after all my meetings were done, but I still ended up staying up pretty much all night packing. I didn't get completely done until after midnight and then I had to get up at 2:30 to get ready and get to the airport by 4:00. Such an early flight! It was my first time flying Sun Country and we had no problems. I did miss the in flight movie I may have gotten on NWA, but it gave me plenty of time to finish up reading "The Three Junes". I really enjoyed the book. The book is broken up into three Junes (thus the title), the first told from the viewpoint of a widower, the second told from the viewpoint of the widower's son and the last told from the viewpoint of a woman the widower met in the first section. The action moves back and forth in time within each section and I really enjoyed the non-traditional structure. I love books about family and relationships, so this book was good for me.

Since we left so early in the morning, we arrived in Mexico while it was still Saturday morning. We flew into Cancun and took a shuttle to the resort. I saw a lot of uprooted trees and a lot of activity on the streets, cleaning up debris, but that's about the only evidence I saw of Hurricane Wilma. The resort had been cleaned and reopened beautifully. I believe all the pools and restaurants and even the Casitas had been reopened by the time we stayed there. The resort was absolutely gorgeous. We were greeted in the lobby with a glass of champagne and an explanation of the amenities and activities. My room wasn't quite ready yet, so I had lunch in one of the outdoor restaurants and chatted with some of the other women in our group. The food was amazing - I had a chef's salad for lunch and then the waiter chose a special dessert for me - a chocolate cake with ice cream on the side - so good!

I was very pleased with my room. There was a lovely canopy bed and there was usually some sort of towel sculpture left by housekeeping. There was a lovely heart when I first arrived:

There was a jacuzzi in the room, but I only used it once. I had a problem with water temperature control, so it was super hot. I didn't really have time to take a jacuzzi the rest of the days I was there, otherwise I would have asked housekeeping to look into it. There was a nice patio that overlooked the central courtyard:

I quite enjoyed sitting on the lounge chairs on the patio to write in my journal or lay in the hammock and read. It was very hot while we were there, but there were nice breezes off the ocean all the time, so I never felt hot.

The first evening we had a group welcome dinner. That was probably my least favorite meal, with a chicken pasta that wasn't all that flavorful. However, I enjoyed getting to talk with more of our group. After dinner I headed to the Martini bar to watch the NFL playoff game. A couple of other ladies in our group were in there with their husbands, so I ended up doing more talking than watching football, but it was really fun. I could really get used to the all inclusive meals and drinks, too!

The next morning I found these guys sitting on my patio:

I really enjoyed having the peacocks as company - they made me feel less homesick for the puppies. After a lovely buffet breakfast we all got down to the knitting instruction. We were given the martini lounge as ours for the mornings, so we all gathered on the balcony overlooking the resort on down to the ocean to sit and knit together. Here's the main building of the resort, which included the martini bar:

Here we are knitting together:

And here's our view:

It was so gorgeous and so relaxing and fun! I tended to stay a little later and knit on into the afternoon on the days I was there. I spent one day on a trip to Chichen Itza, which I'll share with y'all next time.