A Good Yarn

Friday, December 23, 2005

Bad Blogger

I'm a bad blogger. No, not because of the infrequent posts - y'all are used to that. It's because I've had plenty of blog-worthy photo-taking opportunities and failed to take a single picture. And everyone loves pictures on the blog. I'll steal snaps off the 'net if I can.

Last week the Twin Cities AK group had a nice holiday get together. We had lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery and then saw The Nutcracker.

I'm not as big into dance as I am the other arts, but I quite enjoyed it. The costumes and sets were gorgeous and there were some really nice performances. Since we were already downtown, Kerry and I decided to make a day of it and stick around for the Holidazzle parade:

It was FREEZING, but the lights sure were pretty! I got a chance to sit and knit for a little bit too, which has been in short supply this month. I am not trying to finish anything by Christmas, but I am knitting a couple of things for Christmas presents. I gave Katie the poncho and she absolutely loved the fuzzy pink softness of it. And it fit perfectly - so all's well that ends well with the poncho! I didn't quite finish the snake scarf, so I wrapped it anyway and gave it to both Red and Ben. I explained that I was going to make two of them so they would each get one. I'm not sure they really got it - they seemed a bit non-plussed by the balls of yarn attached to the scarf. Red did say about 10 times "I get the black one. I get the black one." I think they'll like it once I finish them up. I took my sister's top down hooded cardigan off the needle and put it on a string so she can try it on after she opens it up. So, here's its blog debut:

I tried it on myself and am much happier about it than I was while I was knitting it. The hood fits really well and the yarn is very soft and warm. I was worried I was knitting it too loosely, but it looks good. My sister is quite a bit smaller than me, so I had to try it on without anything underneath, so I decided not to take a picture of that for the blog. I can't wait to see what she thinks of it.

Otherwise I haven't been knitting much. I got all the presents wrapped and made fudge for my mom. Michael and I exchanged presents with Bill and his family as I mentioned and had a great time. Red gave me a fleece scarf. He proudly said, "I made it." I must have looked confused because he said, "I cut the fringe." So sweet! His grandma took him shopping for his gifts and she told me that the fabric store lady asked him who all the fleece was for because he was buying 3 strips of it. He replied, "My mom, my step-mom and my dad's girlfriend." Too funny. I'm sure the fabric store lady was picturing some sort of Jerry Springer-like situation. I was kind of sad he described me as his dad's girlfriend rather than his girlfriend, but a few days later he told me something and made me pinky-swear not to tell "the adults", so I must still have some status as something other than "the others."

I'm heading out for Christmas with my mom and step-mom, sisters, etc. I hope everyone who celebrates it has a wonderful Christmas!