A Good Yarn

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Mexico

First off, here's the bracelet I made before I went to Mexico:

It's called the "Winter Doldrums" bracelet and is meant to be made with bright colors to chase away the winter doldrums - I think I embraced the bright color theme! I'd really like to make more of these with other color combinations.

Here is the group project we had in Mexico:

As you can see, it's a double-knit scarf in a checkboard design. It's really soft and I'm happy with how the Dune and Cashmerino Aran compliment each other. There are cute clover shaped tassles made from i-cord on the ends, but I need to practice a bit, so I hid my first one. Bernadette St. Amant was our knitting teacher and did an awesome job! She's a natural teacher and has the most calm, gentle style I've ever seen in any craft class. She was lots of fun to have on the trip too!

Here's another towel sculpture housekeeping left on my bed on day 2:

After knitting in the morning, I spent a little time shopping in the shops at the resort and then watched the epic Colts v. Steelers game in the martini bar while writing some postcards home. I just watched the second half of the football game, but it was such an exciting game and we had a fun little group of people in the bar, so I'm glad I did it.

In the afternoons of day 2 and day 4, I also went to the beach to either read or knit. Here's proof of my knitting on the beach:

This was obviously BEFORE I had a spa treatment! After dinner on Day 2 I got a spa pedicure and manicure and my toes were so much cuter after that. The spa was very nice and comfortable. The mani/pedi was almost 2 hours long, so it was a very thorough and relaxing experience. My favorite was the peppermint foot mask. The beautician didn't speak very much English, but we managed to talk a little bit with my limited Spanish. Anyway, as I was saying, I loved the beach. The water was really nice and warm and it was easy to find a little chunk of beach without a ton of people around:

There was a moonlight dinner on the beach too, but that was just too romantic for me to partake in alone :-) On the second evening we were having a bit of a problem with electricity going on and off. It didn't bother me all that much, but I would have liked to maybe fix my hair before dinner. I had dinner in the outdoor restaurant that evening, so it didn't really matter that much when the electricity went off a couple of times because we had the moonlight and candles on the table. The food that evening was wonderful! I had a baked provolone cheese appetizer, a French Onion Soup and a prime rib with red wine sauce. Everyone else I ate with really enjoyed their dinner as well. For dessert I had a creme brulee. It didn't have the crust on the top as is customary with this dessert, but it was still delicious!

Day 3 was my trip to Chichen Itza and I'll cover that next time - it was a fantastic experience!