A Good Yarn

Friday, February 03, 2006

Back to Reality

Luckily, shortly after I got back to the Twin Cities I had our monthly TC AK Get together. This month we met at Needlework Unlimited afterhours again and as usual, a great time was had by all. Time just flew by! I wasn't going to buy anything since I spent so much on vacation, but since I didn't have any yarn buying opportunities in Mexico and I fell in love with a couple of things, I indulged myself:

Some beautiful and soft Cashmere Silk blend from Jade Sapphire. I think it'll end up being a scarf.

A few skeins of Alchemy Mohair Silk. These were so gorgeous, it was difficult picking out a color. I was thinking about a lacy bedjacket for this, but I don't have enough yardage for the pattern I was considering. I'll have to decide whether to buy another couple of skeins or make a shawl instead. I'm leaning toward a shawl.

The next day I had my Movie Club and we saw this film:

LOVED IT!!! You must see this movie. Everyone really, really enjoyed it and we had a great discussion afterwards. I'm not going to do justice to how good and interesting this film is by describing it, but I'll try. It's a documentary (of course) about this guy in Illinois who grew up on his family farm. His father died when he was just starting college. He continued to attend college full time and run the family farm. It was the 60s and he brought a lot of his hippie friends to hang out on the farm, which raised the eyebrows of his rural neighbors. Eventually the farm goes bust with the family farm crisis in the 80s and in the 90s he moves on to organic farming and a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) farm. It's an amazing portrait of the life of a really interesting guy and so many different themes are covered - farming and the impact of agriculture on the environment, being an outsider, sexual identity, family relationships, balancing work and family and so much more. Check out the website if you're interested in finding out more.

Last week I also had to take Finbar in to get a fatty tumor removed from his belly. It was gigantic and I was afraid that it might start growing into his organs, so I decided to have it removed. I was so anxious about putting him under for the surgery, but everything went very well. The tumor was even bigger than the surgeon originally thought - it ended up being 6.5 pounds. He has a huge scar up his whole belly and another one under one of his hind legs because they removed another one from there since they had him under anyway. He was recovering so well they let me take him home that evening, but he was pretty drugged up:

Poor puppy! He's doing really well now, although he looks pretty funny with half a naked body:

He'll get his stitches out on Monday. Everytime I see him sitting on the couch I have to kiss his bald spot or cuddle up with him because I imagine it feels a bit chilly!