A Good Yarn

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PS Swap

Since the Project Colorswap didn't begin until April, Lynne decided to have the red/pink swap in September. My swap partner this month was Marisol and she sent me a fantastic box of goodies.

Oh, I didn't realize how bright the sun was when I took that picture! Well, at the top we have a box of tea and a pretty sheepy card. They are resting on top of a couple of felted bag patterns. That's because you can see she sent the perfect color of pink Cascade 220 and a really fun skein of Trendsetter's yarn called Fling. Next to the yarn is a tin of Apple Sours altoids. To the right is a cute heart-shaped box lined with red velvet and covered in shells. Inside the box are a couple of cute, hand-painted beads. Below the shell box is an absolutely darling little accessories bag. Inside of the bag were some toe separaters for doing pedicures, some fun nail polish with heart-shaped sequins in it and a tin of sparkly lip balm. Underneath everything you can see a lovely Asian-print drawstring bag. There was also a really nice bar of Lindt chocolate, one of my favorites. I wish I could say I already ate it, but in fact it was Miss Fiona who ate it - bad, bad doggy! (I know chocolate makes some dogs sick, but she seems to have no problems with it) She doesn't even have the decency to look sheepish about it:

Since that picture is so hard to see, let's take a closer look at the pretty bags:

That red bag is beautiful and a good size for a small project that's bigger than socks. And I am just in love with the little pink bag. I'm going to transfer some of my most essential knitting supplies into it. And let's looks at the pretty, pretty yarn:

I ADORE that color of pink! I love the idea of a cute little pink purse, but I'm also thinking about a cute girly hat with the Fling yarn. I'll have to think that one over. Thanks so much, Marisol! I just love everything you sent and I think I've found someone I share so much in common with!

I also have to thank Lynne for the great Project Colorswap! Every month has lived up to and sometimes go completely beyond any expectations you might have about a swap. It was fun getting to know a new set of knitting friends and shopping in a color pallette. I'll miss it!

I've been laying low over the last week or so, trying to just spend some time at home before the busy fall begins again. I did join a few of knitting pals to see a documentary about Shipbreakers in India - workers who tear about the huge ships when they are no longer able to continue in service. It's a really dangerous job, both for the workers and for the environment. Saturday I had a wonderful sushi lunch with Rebecca and we knit in the mall for a bit - great people watching in the mall! Those 80s fashions were in full display in the stores, too, Kate.

Sunday was of course football. I ended up staying up way too late on Saturday night, reading for my film class starting tonight. I got up too late to take the train on Sunday, so I had a nightmare trying to find a reasonable place to park and getting to the game. After waiting in line forever for the completely ineffective security search, my ticket didn't work, so they wouldn't let me into the game. I had to go to three different places before they finally figure out that the ticket lady at the first gate accidentally scanned my ticket twice, so it thought I was already inside and trying to re-use the ticket. SO ANNOYING!! So I missed most of the first quarter and then they went ahead and lost the game in the last few minutes. So disappointing! On a happier note, I was in the Hormel Row of Fame! For those of you who haven't been to Metrodome, every game there is a Hormel Row of Fame and accompanying theme song, and everyone in the row gets a free hot dog. I sing the song every time and act all bitter that I'm not in the row and after being a season ticket holder for 10 years and attending a handful of Twins games, it was finally my turn! Yay! Unfortunately, they do it halfway through the 4th quarter, so I'd already had a couple of beers and some nachos by then, so I wasn't really hungry. And they only put mustard and no ketchup on my dog, so I was getting a little sick from all the mustard and couldn't finish it. But I won something! Free, free, free, everybody wants something for free! We're also at the end of the row, so we were on the jumbotron for quite a while, so I'm famous too.

Last night I saw this movie:

All About My Mother directed by Pedro Almodovar. There's some sort of Almodovar film fest going on at the local arthouse theater, so a friend invited me along to see it. I had never seen it before and I'd say I liked it, but I didn't love it. I haven't seen a lot of Almodovar's work, but from my understanding this is pretty typical of it. There's a lot of real heart and the characters take it all very seriously, but then again it's like a soap opera and totally over the top. The sets and costumes are all very bright, primary colors and look fantastic. There are weird camera angles, like one shot where a character is writing in his journal and we see from the point of view of the paper. The characters are a strange bunch: a pregnant nun, two transgender prostitutes, two lesbian actresses who are in a very conflicted relationship, in part because one of them is addicted to heroin, and the main character a grieving mother who used to be an actress, then a nurse. Penelope Cruz plays the nun and I'm not usually a big fan of hers, but she did a wonderful job in this film and looked luminously beautiful. Perhaps acting in English is just too difficult for her. For the most part I really liked this film and was engaged in the story and in fact I wanted to know more about the characters after it was over. However, there were times when the melodrama just went a little bit too far and seemed too much like a Spanish soap opera and took me out of the film.