A Good Yarn

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mini Golf

I decided to post this one separately because it's so picture-intense. If you're on dial up, sorry! Splatgirl recently posted about her trip to Big Stone Mini Golf, which reminded me that I'd been meaning to check it out last summer and never got a chance. Well, there's no time like the present and Red loves to play mini golf, so I decided a little trip was in order. This place is way, way, way out west and I live so far east I'm practically in Wisconsin, so it is like a little trip for me to get there. I haven't really been out that way before and let me say, I know why the professional athletes and other wealthy folks in this town live out there. The houses on those lakes are GORGEOUS! And the lakes are so beautiful. Wow. If I wasn't trying so hard to get there before sundown I would have stopped to take a few pictures. I thought about how great it would be to live out there on the lake with the beautiful people. But then again, I love being in the city (well, one of the cities) and having fairly quick access to all the activities I like to do. If you live out there, it's not so easy to jump in the car and see something at the arthouse theater. Anyway, on to the mini golf.

This is one cool place and was definitely worth the trip. Instead of your typical mini-golf structures, it's all different sculptures. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hole 1: Dead Tree Forest - The hole is at the end of all of those trees.

Hole 3: Windmill - Not your typical Dutch windmill, huh?

Hole 4: Arbor Viney - You can kind of see behind Red that there were a series of hills you had to get your ball over to get it through the Arbor path and to the putting green. There was a lot of beautiful vegetation like this around many of the holes.

Hole 7: Pumkin patch - Those pumpkins are stone sculptures.

Hole 12: Gently Down the Stream - Once you got your ball over the bridge into that water maze, it would float through the maze to a hole at the end where it would fall into a basket and then you're done. Red's favorite part of that was that you could reach into the basket and grab your ball again and play some more. There weren't many people there so I let him try a few holes again. His favorite was "Shoot The Rapids" where you had to get your ball up a little ramp, where it jumped over a little stream. He also floated his ball in that water maze a lot of times.

They also had a big stone table with a checkerboard on it and giant metal checkers. We played checkers for a while until it was pretty obvious that we were just going to be jumping each other with every move. They also had a pen of goats that we petted and fed:

They also sell locally grown food, so we bought some really tasty tomatoes and a pumpkin, really cheap. It was a fun outing!