A Good Yarn

Monday, November 20, 2006

Another weekend wrap up

I finished up knitting the felted slippers - you can see how huge they are:

Aren't they huge? I'm interested in seeing how they turn out, post-felting. Maybe I'll have time to throw them in the wash tonight. I also knit a scarf this weekend:

You could call this the Treasure Hunt scarf. As you may recall, seven of our local yarn stores had a treasure hunt one weekend in October. I visited each store, bought yarn at every store, but didn't win a thing. No door prize. No grand prize. Nothing. I may not have good luck in drawings, but I am exceedingly lucky in my friendships. My friend Rebecca was the grand prize winner of a Treasure Chest of yarn, books, needles and knitting notions. And her generosity is as great as her luck - she shared something from the treasure chest with each of us in our knitting group. She gave me the glass knitting needles you see in the picture above. She also gave me a very cute tape measure from the chest, because I am infatuated with tape measures and have a small collection going. Anyway, another very nice friend from the knitting group, Connie, took pity on me and gave me her door prize - that fluffy, soft purple yarn I made the scarf from. It's Lana Grossa pep and is very soft and fuzzy. I just made a simple garter stitch scarf, but on the big size 13 glass needles, so it looks vaguely lacy. I enjoyed knitting on the glass needles, but I wouldn't want to do it all the time. They are really slippery - like glass! At first, I had a hard time keeping the stitches on. Once the stitches are down to the wide part of the needle, they don't slide easily, though, so it's sort of tradeoff. I also am not very used to knitting with straight needles, so I had to adjust to having those needle ends hanging out the bottom of my hands. It was very slow going. The needles are very heavy, which I both liked, but didn't like because it made my wrists tired. I loved the sound of the tips clinking against each other. I loved the look of the yarn through the needle. The needles themselves are gorgeous - they have a small glass ball on each end which didn't photograph well, but I love art glass and these are definitely that! They also came in a very cool clam shell case with a retro fabric covering it. Very nice - I am thrilled to have such generous friends!

I also was very bad and broke my promise to myself not to buy any more yarn until after Christmas. I am in another knitting group and we got together at Needlework Unlimited on Saturday night and I just couldn't be in a yarn shop for three hours without buying any yarn. They had a shawl hanging in the shop that I was quite taken with, so I bought the pattern and yarn - it's only one skein!

The shop model was orange, so I was torn between that and this purple. It's hard to tell in that awful picture, but the yarn actually is sort of variegated. It makes a lovely blended looking fabric. I had a full punchcard, so I didn't spend all that much on it. And now I'm renewing my pledge - no more yarn until the new year.