A Good Yarn

Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank you!!!

I have had amazing good luck in all of the swaps I've joined. I have "met" fantastic knitters and gotten to know some of them a little better. And I've been matched with such generous and thoughtful knitters and received just lovely packages. My luck holds as I received a thrilling assortment of goodies from Cate in the Knit Flix Swap. First of all, look at the fantastic notecards she has:

She sent a lot of cute little things that I'll definitely use:

From the left, one of my favorite movie treats, Kit Kat Bites, a very cute package of knitting pins - the tips are rounded so they don't split the yarn so much, a very cute package of tissues, inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, some tea lights, some cinnamon candies in a Scrapbooking Girl tin (cute and I love Cinamon!), some pretty pink roses trim, some awesome flower buttons, a package of gum and some Halloween stickers! Yay! All cute, fun and definitely useful. That alone would have been an awesome package, but she didn't stop there.

A tin of Cashew Thunder Popcorn in a gorgeous Terry Redlin tin. Mr. Redlin is a South Dakota artist - his paintings are really pretty and do remind me of home.

These cards are so fantastic! I really wish I had made them. They are really beautifully made, with great papers and stamps. She also made me one of the totally cute clothes she's been knitting up lately:

I hate to be like my grandma was, but I think this stuff might be too cute to use.... Oh yeah, then there as the movies!

I think those were such perfect choices for me! I can't wait to have a little time to settle in and break them out. And of course, what's a knitting swap without yarn?

Cate is from Iowa and sent me some Iowa-based yarns! This one is a soysilk from soybeans grown in Iowa - how cool is that?! And I'm in love with that colorway! That's enough yardage to make something really special, so I've gotta figure out what. She also sent another skein of loveliness:

A skein of hand-dyed wool and mohair from the Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Iowa. I LOVE this colorway - the picture doesn't do it justice. I like to knit for others, but I'm definitely making something for myself with this.

Cate, you rock! Thanks so much for so many awesome treats. I literally was tearing up when I opened the box and taking things out because I was so happy to see such loveliness.