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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mmmmmm....Lame Duck!

For the most part, I am quite happy with the election results yesterday. I'm happy that the Democrats took back the House of Representatives and have at least a split Senate. I'm happy that Donald Rumsfeld has been forced to resign - and that Bush/Rove wasn't smart enough to make the move before the election and perhaps draw some people back to the GOP. I'm happy that here in Minnesota, we are sending our first woman to the U.S. Senate and our first African-American to the U.S. House of Representatives (and he's also the nation's first Muslim Congressperson). Bush as lame duck for the next two years gives me hope. What makes me sad is that the DFL can't put forward a better candidate for Governor, so we're stuck with Tim Pawlenty again. Ugh. I was an Election Judge for the first time and really enjoyed the experience.

I was assigned to a precinct in downtown St. Paul, so it was fun to see the mix of people coming in to vote. The metro area is sort of like a donut - a big ring of red in the suburbs and a blue middle in the Twin Cities proper of Minneapolis and St. Paul. So, predictably, the precinct I officiated in voted heavily for the Democrats (as well as the precinct I voted in, for that matter). Yet another reason I like living in the City of St. Paul. We had a very steady stream of voters in our precinct, but I was assigned the least active role in the precinct, so I had plenty of down time. Luckily, I brought my knitting and knit up some more miters. Here's another one I have pinned out to block, but haven't sewn together yet: