A Good Yarn

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Many thanks

First I wanted to thank everyone for their very kind well-wishes. I'm feeling better than I was last week, but I'm finding it hard to shake this bug. I had a pretty restful weekend last weekend, which I think helped the healing. I spent all day Sunday just watching football and knitting and resting up. I did manage to do a little bit of cleaning around the house before getting tuckered out - I even managed to put away the little Christmas tree (something that didn't happen at all last year, as some of you may recall. It was pretty dusty from being on display for a full year). Saturday I had to go into the office to do a bit of work and while I was there, I packed up some more of the knitted items I collected for the Pine Ridge Reservation. Here's what I sent off this week:

26 Adult-sized Scarves

4 Pairs of Adult-Sized Mittens and 2 Pairs of Fingerless Gloves

18 Kid-sized Hats, 2 Kid-sized Mittens and 4 kid-sized Scarves

26 Adult-Sized Hats (some of those hats have matching scarves or mittens inside of them)

There are still a few more items, but that was all I could stuff (and I mean stuff) into the huge box I had for shipping. I will mail the remaining items off next week and show them here as well. All of these warm woolies will be so appreciated out on the reservation - THANK YOU to everyone who knitted something up for Pine Ridge. I've just been overwhelmed by people's generosity.