A Good Yarn

Monday, January 29, 2007

One More Left

I finished another mitered square.

I need to sew it together and knit one more square, then I'm ready to put the whole thing together. THAT'S going to be some sewing.

I had to do a home visit yesterday afternoon, so since I was out and about anyway, I decided to check out this movie:

In English, it's being called Pan's Labyrinth. I really liked it. It wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be - there's a lot more of the "real-life" story and less of the fantasy world than I thought there would be. It's about a young girl, Ofelia, in Franco Spain who goes with her pregnant mother to her new step-father's house. He's a Captain in Franco's army who is almost as brutal within the home as he is on the battlefield. Ofelia is a great reader and on the way there, she comes across a fairy. The fairy follows her to Ofelia's new home, and shows Ofelia through a labyrinth to a faun (Pan) who reveals that she is probably the underworld's princess. She needs to perform three tasks to prove that she really is the princess and has not been overtaken by human form. The action then goes back and forth between Ofelia performing these tasks and her step-father's battles against the freedom fighters hiding in the woods around his home. Her journey is sort of paralleled by the Captain's maid, who is secretly helping the freedom fighters. I really loved the performance by the actress who played the maid and by the Captain. The Captain is really quite brutal and there are some scenes that are quite violent. The fantasy scenes are gorgeous, with some really great imagery - my favorite is "Pale Man", a monster that has eyes in his hands instead of his head.