A Good Yarn

Monday, April 30, 2007

Another film and other stuff

On Thursday night I saw this film:

It's about a 12 year old boy, Dvir, living on a kibbutz in Israel in the mid-70s. For those who are unfamiliar with them, a kibbutz is sort of like a commune - the idea was for Jews to join together and create a community that was self-sufficient and where everyone contributed and was taken care of. The director of this film grew up on a kibbutz, although he says this is not strictly autobiographical. In the film, Dvir's father has died and his mother has recently returned from psychiatric hospitalization. He has an older brother, but his brother is more focused on girls and his army service. Dvir is just starting his bar mitzvah year and has to perform a series of tasks. He's also doing his best to care for his fragile mother and is beginning to feel an attraction to a new girl at the Kibbutz. The film is a nice growing of age story, but it also looks at the relationship between this ill mother and her son and more broadly at the less utopian elements of kibbutz life. I enjoyed this complicated look at life and the performances by everyone in the film.

I took the weekend off from the M-SPIFF to go to Sioux Falls for my nephew's baptism. My dad was in from Florida, so it was nice to spend some time with family. Here's the cutie-boy in his baptism suit:

and here's one of my sister, Jason and me at brunch on Sunday:

Even though he's crying in both of those pictures, that's pretty unusual for him. He's such a good baby. I think in both cases he was sucking on a pacifier and had it taken away for the picture, so he was just a bit annoyed with us. I don't blame him.

On the way down to South Dakota I stopped by Mary Lue's to check out what's left in the shop. They are moving to Mankato this summer, so everything is on sale, which I think I mentioned before. There's still a lot left in the shop, but I just picked up a few skeins of a nice basic sock yarn:

and yes, I do love these colors:

I gave my sister the Tofutsies sweater and she seemed to really like it. Actually, she opened all of the presents after the baptism, so everyone saw it and ooed and ahhhed over it, which is always what we knitters love to hear!