A Good Yarn

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Combo Platter

I saw a sneak preview of this film last night:

I have mixed feelings about it. First, let me say that Ryan Gosling is delicious! Oh my goodness. I may have a new boyfriend. The film stars Ryan Gosling as a hotshot assistant district attorney who is leaving the DA's office to join a big fancy private firm. He's from "the wrong side of the tracks" so this is his key to the world of glitz and glamour that he's craved. Anthony Hopkins plays a wealthy man who murders his wife when he finds out that she's been having an affair with a police hostage negotiator. He's not only rich, he's also super smart and even though he's caught in his house with the body and the gun and confesses that he shot her (to her lover who arrives on scene), it's all just a clever plan by him to get away with it. Yes, there are some distinct similarities to Silence of the Lambs with Hopkins' portrayal of another brilliant, charming killer and the working class professional that he toys with, but I still really enjoyed the interplay between the two characters.

I don't want to give too much away, so this may not make much sense. But the whole thing just fell apart for me in the last 1/4 of the movie. For one thing, the big twists weren't really all that clever or surprising, so that was a letdown. Also, this is a legal thriller and so the climax of the movie hinges on legal concepts and maneuvers. And they were total and complete bullshit. I can go to a law-themed movie and set aside the "reality" of how the laws work and how courts work, etc. for the sake of the movie. However, this was just too incorrect for me to overlook, so by the end I just was irritated with the whole thing. As I said to my friend when we were leaving the theater, I can set aside logic and suspend disbelief to a certain point in movies. But once you reach the point where I can't suspend disbelief any more, then I start to question everything that came before, too, that I just accepted. However, I will say that the rest of the almost full audience seemed to really enjoy the film and the ending, so if you're not a lawyer, maybe you'll enjoy it too. There are quite a few funny lines and the cinematography is really cool and interesting to look at too.

My other sock club selections arrived this week and I'm thrilled with them:

This is the Sweet Socks Project Spectrum Club selection for April - it's called Princess and that's a fantastic name for it - so cute and pinky!

And this is the April selection from the Sweet Sheep Sock Club. This is from All Things Heather and once again, Heather has done a brilliant job. It's called Spring Fling, which is a great name. It also reminds me of tropical fruit Skittles. LOVE IT! It's a 50 merino/50 tencel blend, so it has a bit of shine to it. Also very appropriate for Project Spectrum with some lovely pinks and greens.

And finally I've been meaning to post a picture of this goofy thing for months:

I drive by this house on my way to work most days and as you can see, they have a Frankenstein monster attached to the front of the house and they dressed him up for Easter. Before that they had a green tophat and shamrock for St. Patrick's Day and before that a big sparkly red heart in his hands for Valentine's Day. I always make sure to look for him as I'm driving down that road, as I'm quite amused by it. I don't remember seeing it before February, but perhaps they originally hung him up for Halloween last October.