A Good Yarn

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time Keeps Flying

This week just zoomed by, didn't it? I had a conference, so I was out of the office for most of the week, but I did get some knitting done. I showed up and in the first session I saw 6-7 other knitters sitting nearby, so I had to go out to my car during the break and get mine, too. It was cool! I also had to go to Fargo again, but this time we flew instead of driving. So much better! On those short flights, you barely get into the air and it's already time to start coming back down. The schedule was killer, though, so I was really tired. I did see my boyfriend's new movie this weekend:

It was ok. Johnny was awesome, of course. We get to see a lot of Johnny, which is cool. I mean a lot. It's pretty nice to look at too. I saw Pirates 2 at the drive-in, so I think I lost a bit of the details of the special effects - like how cool Davy Jones looks. The movie is so dang complicated, though. I can't imagine all of these kids seeing the movie can follow who all the characters are and what their agendas are, etc. I'm a little bit over the Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann pairing too. I don't think Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly have a lot of chemistry. If you love the first two films, I think you'll like this one, though and it does tie things up pretty nicely. There is definitely room for another one if they choose to keep going though. There is a little post script after the credits, if you stay that long.

I got a couple more skeins of sock yarn club yarn this week. The final skein of the Posh Sock Club came:

I wouldn't pick this out at the yarn store, but it's probably my favorite of the club. This month she used her Emily yarn and I like it much better than the Lucia. It seems softer and less tightly spun.

I also joined the Amazing Threads sock club and got my first shipment:

I don't know if you can make it out, but there's a little clear vinyl zippered bag on the bottom. We also got a needle gauge/ruler and the yarn was Sockotta with a cable/lace pattern. There's a sock club group at the store to knit the pattern together, but it's so far away from me that I probably won't be attending the group.