A Good Yarn

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back to Knitting

All of those trips to the theater for the Film Fest did cut into my sitting-in-front-of-the-tv-knitting time, so my knitting hasn't been quite as prolific lately. However, I did have some waiting-for-movies-to-start knitting time and that's just perfect for miles and miles of green stockinette stitch:

I finished the green side of the blanket!! Last weekend I also managed to finish seaming the two sides together and doing an applied i-cord around the edge. I started the bobbles, but there are still a few dozens of those left to knit and tie in:

Also in knitting related news, I got a couple of my sock yarn club selections from May this week. In the Sweet Sheep Shop Club I got a gorgeous skein of Vesper in a colorway called Sherbet:

I think that's the perfect name for that colorway. I love it! I also got my Sweet Sheep Project Spectrum Sock Club in a color called Sprung:

These nearly solids for the PS Club are so beautiful I always look forward to opening up that package!

In non-knitting news, I was reading my blog from last year at this time to jog my memory about something and saw that I posted about the bunny who loves to eat the long grass in my yard. Well, time hasn't changed much because I've got bunnies in the yard again this spring. One day I saw 4 of them all hanging out together:

Fiona doesn't bother them and they seem to be used to both of us, because there is often a bunny sitting right under the tree next to the house and it doesn't run away when we go in the backyard unless I start walking right at it. I sort of think of these bunnies as my pets. I wish I could pick them up and snuggle them, though. The picture is very PS appropriate with all that long green grass. Just like last year at this time I hadn't mowed the lawn for the first time, so the grass was long and ideal for bunnies.

And in another sign of the season, Frankenstein has been re-dressed:

The fishing opener in Minnesota is this weekend, so Frank lost the bunny ears and Easter basket and donned a bucket hat and fishing pole. Love it!