A Good Yarn

Friday, May 11, 2007


Project Name: Heart to Heart Socks
Designer: Beverly Brookhart
Pattern Source: Socks Socks Socks
Yarn: Sisu Fantasy
Yarn Source: Yarn Cafe
Date Started: 4/12/05
Date Completed: 5/9/07

Comments: These were my "car knitting" socks for the last two years. I got a pedicure on Wednesday and finally finished them up. I think they are really ugly, but last summer I was knitting them at the drive-in and my friend Florence said she thought they were cute, so they're going to her. The pattern calls for very specific stripes, but I thought I'd cheat and use a self-striping yarn. I'm not sure why I chose this one. It has the colors I like, but in the wrong shades - although it's just perfect for Project Spectrum, isn't it? Green, yellow and pink are all present. I used little bits of the Elann Sock It To Me sock yarn for the hearts.I like the Sisu Fantasy yarn. It's super cheap and a nice basic yarn. It feels pretty nice knitted up. I wasn't so crazy about the Sock It To Me. It feels really rough.

I also wanted to show you this really cool gift I got from Amy. I gave her the skein of Posh Yarn from the sock club that I didn't like at the Yarn Harlot reading. I was just so happy to get it out of my stash and into a good home, but she is too nice to just accept the gift and gave me a present in return.

It looks like just a big long zipper, but if you start zipping it up, it creates this super cool bag:

Love it!! It's so much fun to zip it up and make the bag. And it's a great size. It's a little bit bigger than my sock bags, but still very small and portable. Great for a baby garment or pieces of a sweater or lace, etc. You really shouldn't have, but I'm glad you did, Amy!!