A Good Yarn

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer!

It's officially summer. Which is weird because it's been hotter than Hades for most of the last couple of weeks and it already feels like summer is almost half over because the 4th of July is less than 2 weeks away. I know that even if you count Memorial Day to Labor Day as summer that July 4 isn't the mid-point, but it's always seemed like the mid-point to me.

This week I haven't been that busy, but it's still speeding by so quickly. I have this horrible pattern of being really busy and just going, going, going. And then when I'm not busy, I just lose all motivation and don't do anything, so that when the deadlines hit again, I'm too busy and going, going, going again. I had every intention at the start of this week to get stuff done while I wasn't under any deadlines so that when it starts getting busy again next week, I won't be rushing around and trying to get everything done. But then I keep thinking, "oh, I can do that tomorrow" over and over. I'm so stupid for such a smart girl.

So, that's my explanation for why I'm giving my weekend round up on Thursday, the cusp of another weekend. I finally got to see my boyfriends' movie:

I love this franchise and the latest installment is a good one. I know a lot of people didn't like 12, but I liked it a lot. This one is more tight and crisp, though, so even if you didn't like 12, you may like 13. My boyfriend George Clooney is back as Danny Ocean, along with the usual gang as his heist crew. This time they are seeking revenge against Willie Bank, an unscrupulous casino owner who swindled one of their guys, played by Elliot Gould. Willie Bank is played by another boyfriend, Al Pacino. There are a couple of scenes between Clooney and Pacino that I just thrilled to watch. The energy between them was awesome. And unlike the film with Pacino and my other boyfriend Johnny Depp, both Al and George look great in this film.

The heist is very complicated with twists and turns all the time and there are plenty of good laughs. You can tell once again that the actors were having a ball making this movie and it's fun to watch. I have to admit I did miss Julia Roberts and the interplay between her and George Clooney from the last two films. But the guys all look gorgeous (except when they're hilariously "in character" from time to time) and the lines come fast and furious, so it's a perfect way to pass a hot summer afternoon in a cool movie theater.

Michael and I gave Greg "Guitar Hero" for Father's Day, so we had fun playing that game:

Then we took him to Ichiban for all you can eat sushi. It's not the best sushi in the world, but it is fun. There is a little island with boats of sushi floating around in a circle:

You just grab whatever looks good:

You can also order from a few appetizers, like gyoza and chicken wings or get miso soup or tempura. Usually when we go out for sushi it's really expensive, but this is very reasonable at $25 for the adults and $12 for kids. I was a bit worried about Michael, but he actually did really great. He tried a lot of different kinds of sushi and really liked some of them - like eel of all things. It was a very fun day for us.