A Good Yarn

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Project!

I've been rather impatiently waiting for June to roll around so I could start this new project:

It's a scarf made with Tilli Tomas Disco Lights yarn. Red and metallic - perfect for June/July Project Spectrum! I had the worst time starting this up, though.

I was inspired by a scarf that Annie Modesitt was wearing at the Knit Out last February. It was so mesmerizing seeing those little sequins twinkling that I just had to have one. So I got the yarn when I saw it on sale at Little Knits and waited for June to arrive.

I had in mind something eyelet-y so I started with a simple eyelet pattern and size 6 needles. The fabric was too firm and didn't drape the way I wanted. So I ripped out and started over on size 10 needles. Still not what I had in mind. So I switched over to an eyelet pattern that looked like 4 leaf clovers. Still not right. Too much stockinette with the lace and too messy looking. Switched over to size 8 needles and did an eyelet rib. Perfect! Drapey, but not messy looking, fabric. Lacy looking, but still some structure to show off the sequins. I'm loving it. It's impossible to photograph, though. Red is hard to capture and you can't really see the beauty of the tiny sequins without seeing them move. I like the "wrong" side of the ribbing too - it just kind of looks like plain ribbing with eyelets instead of purls. Reversible - perfect for a scarf!

I also got my final sock club shipment for June - from the Amazing Threads club:

I'm not very inspired by this selection, but Michael was with me when I opened the package and said he liked it and wanted a scarf knit from it, so that makes me feel better. I've been disappointed with the AT Sock Club so far. I'm hoping the future selections are a little nicer, otherwise I'll be cancelling my subscription at the end of the first round.