A Good Yarn

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Half FO

I finished my first Shimmer Sock last night:

As usual, I shorted the leg for my own comfort. I made it even 1" shorter than I normally do and I thought maybe I should rip out the ribbing and knit that extra inch, but I think this is ok. I'm going to stick with 5" legs instead of 4" legs in the future, but for these socks, it's ok. I'm pleased as punch with how this turned out. The fit of the short row toe and heel are both very nice.

Did you notice my new sock blocker in that picture? I'm very pleased with that, too:

I got a design called "Look Inside" from Leggy Creations. They are bigger and heftier than my Fiber Trends blockers so they closer to my actual feet - I bought the wrong size FT blockers. They are also gorgeous! Lovely plain wood on one side if you wanted to take a picture and not have anything distract from the socks. A really cool collage on the other side. I love collage! These have some really cool pictures, like hydrangeas, a red telephone, written words, etc. I just love them.

I often hear a debate among knitters about blocking socks. Why do it? Won't they just naturally be blocked once they're on your feet? Sure, and for the first 10 years I knit, I didn't block socks. But once I got my sock blockers, I wouldn't ever go back. Here are my reasons for blocking socks:

1. It's so easy to take pictures for the blog. You can really see how they look while on the blocker and I don't have to contort myself to get an on the leg view (I have incredibly short, fat legs) and I don't have to expose my unnaturally pale skin to my readers as often. I still always take the sole to sole picture when I finish a pair, just out of tradition.

2. They're so great for drying my washed socks. I tend to wash my socks on a gentle cycle and then air dry them. Sure, you can hang them up to dry or lay them out flat, but the sock blockers make it so quick and easy.

3. Blocked socks are aesthetically pleasing. After they dry, you take them off the blocker and they look great. I tend to knit socks in patterns because I'm bored with just ribbing or stockinette and a blocked knit looks better than an unblocked one. Yes, once it's on my feet, it probably looks the same as an unblocked one, but in my sock basket the blocked socks look so nice and inviting. It's the same reason I iron clothes even though they're going to get wrinkled once I wear them, or fold clothes instead of just rolling them into a ball or throwing them all together in a drawer any old way - I just want them to look nice for me.

I don't say that everyone should block their socks. Those octopus hanger things from Ikea are cool and if it seems like a hassle to you, don't do it. But let me enjoy my blocked socks without thinking I'm being ridiculous, ok?