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Friday, July 27, 2007


Last night I went to The Old Arizona Theater to see a play called "Bush is Bad, The Musical". This is my first time at this theater, and I adore it! It's really a lovely space. It's attached to a coffe shop/wine bar that's really nice also. As you can probably suss out for yourself, the play is a musical Bush-bashing extravaganza. The cast is two men and a woman and a piano player. They sing a series of songs about how ridiculously awful/stupid Bush and his band of evil-doers are. If you want some good old-fashioned Bush-hating, this is the show for you. Unfortunately, things have gotten to the point where some of this stuff isn't really funny anymore, it's just sad and depressing. None of the songs are very suprising or unexpected - it's about what you'd think we can make of Bush/Cheney/Rove for - being stupid, policies that benefit the overlooked super-wealthy, the sanctity of life (until the life comes out of the womb, then you're on your own), anti-gay paranoia and hunting accidents. Ann Coulter, the rest of the Bush family, Scooter Libby, Condi Rice and Fox News all get jabs too. There was a piece on Alberto Gonzales which I didn't like because it was really racist. My favorite pieces were the one about Scooter Libby sung to the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber called "Scooter Libby Superstar" and the final piece, which is just a series of quotes from Bushy himself - like "put food on your family" and "raise the pie" and "if we don't succeed, we're setting ourselves up for failure". Nothing's funnier than Bush's own inability to put a sentence together.

This play is showing until mid-August, then it's moving to a 10:00 timeslot for another musical and eventually they hope to move it back into the prime time slot. It's been fairly well-received and successful, so they're hoping to run it right up to the '08 elections. The play originated in New York shortly after the '04 elections and the material has changed as time has gone by, so I'm sure they'll continue to add new material and take out other stuff. There's even a piece just for us called "Norm Coleman Just is Not That Funny", sung by Al Franken. It's a good one and the actor did a great job playing Franken.

On the knitting front, I'm continuing my Drops Alpaca Socks KAL - which is also a Project Spectrum project and a Summer of Socks Project. I've finished the heel and am just starting the foot:

I was afraid it was too small, because I am getting a tighter gauge than the pattern calls for, but I think the heel fits pretty well. As usual, I adjusted the pattern to make the legs shorter for my short and stubby legs. These are shaped legs, so I just started the decreases earlier. Here's a look at the back cable and the heel flap:

And the front cables. The side cables stop once you start the heel:

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