A Good Yarn

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Retail Therapy

Not a lot of knitting going on lately because I've been indulging myself. Happily, I haven't found that many things I wanted, so I haven't gone too crazy. I did pick up a few blouses and some jewelry. I also bought a few small items for my Secret Pal and for RAOKs. I'm really having fun with both of those things.

Football was good this week. I always start the week well when the Vikings win on Sunday. I wish the win had been a little more convincing, but a win is a win. My fantasy football week was upside down - I won in the league I'm Commish (FINALLY) and lost in the leagues I've been doing well in. Now that the bye weeks have begun, things are getting a little trickier.

My latest eBay purchases arrived already - that shipping from England was lickity-split! The first lot was a yarn I coveted at Amazing Threads, but at $15 per skein, it was pretty pricey for a sweater in my size. I've been watching eBay and finally got 15 skeins at a fairly decent price.

I'm trying to decide what to make with it. I originally wanted to make an Einstein Coat with it, but I'm not sure how attractive that would look on me. I just bought a book of Plus Size Sweater patterns using Lion Brand yarns, and I could substitute this for one of those sweaters. Decisions, decisions.

I've been lusting after Rowan Calmer since I petted some at an AK Get Together and I finally won two auctions on eBay for my favorite color - purple! The first batch arrived today:

Of course, now it's getting cold so a cotton sweater doesn't seem all that wise. I may be aging this in the stash for a little while, but I'm THRILLED to have it!

While I taking pictures of the DB yarn, the pups were out and about with me. This is how Finbar looks most of the time he's outside:

I swear he's part bloodhound, he's so dogged about sniffing around. Fiona was just hanging around, waiting for her treat:

Looks nice and fallish around Chez Renee, doesn't it? Think I'll get around to raking those leaves?