A Good Yarn

Sunday, October 03, 2004

It's October already?

When I was a girl, my grandparents always talked about how the older you get, the faster time goes. I thought this was some sort of old-person hoo-ha, but it turns out, they're right. It seems like about March to me, not October.

I know it's October, though, because I watched a presidential debate on Thursday. And I've been seeing the most dreadful commercials on tv. The one that really makes me mad is the one that starts out with, "They want to kill us." It includes pictures of John Kerry that make him look like Osama bin Laden - really dark shadows under the eyes and deep scowl. I hate that kind of fear-mongering.

However you're going to vote, please do so! It's really important. Yesterday I went through the training for Election Protection. I'll encourage you again to get involved in this and make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote. But at the very least, PLEASE VOTE!!!

I also know it's October because I'm unpacking winter clothes (instead of unpacking spring clothes). It got incredibly cold on Friday, so I finally broke down and brought up one box of winter clothes. This is how I switch out the wardrobe with the seasons - gradually, one box at a time. Before I did that though, I didn't really have appropriate clothes to wear, so I was wearing an "elbow-sleeves" sweater. I was freezing after the sun went down, until I slipped on my leather coat. I love the feel of the weight of the leather and the smell of it. Made me really glad it's October! Bill and I also went to Fabulous Fern's for lunch and ordered off the Oktoberfest menu - a couple of cups of a lentil and sausage soup with a brat boiled in beer on the side. Sehr gut and very comforting as well.

After the training yesterday, I made my first trip to Ikea. Loved the goods, hated shopping there. It was so very, very crowded. I waited until October to make my first trip, hoping that the crowds would have dissipated by now, but no such luck. At least not on a Saturday afternoon. For those who have never been there, Ikea is set up so that you walk through it on a path around the store, walking through one room at a time - bathrooms, kitchens, offices, etc. Everyone walks through there like a freakin' zombie, so I was very, very irritated and felt a great urge to continuously say, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Not my usual shopping joy. I did manage to find a duvet cover, but it wasn't my first choice. The one I really wanted was only available in twin size - way too small. I bought a few other small items and my brother got a shelving unit and some plants for his new place. Overall, a successful trip, but I think next time I'm going to try going in the middle of a work day.

Last night I saw this:

I'd give it a mixed review. John Sayles is one of my all-time favorite directors, so I was really excited to see this. Unfortunately, it's not one of his best movies. It's pretty funny and of course, the message is really good - about how the power brokers manipulate the laws to line their own pockets. If you can see that cast list at the top of the poster, you can see it's a fantastic cast. I loved how everyone was linked to each other in one way or another. I really didn't like the casting of the main character, Danny. I really didn't buy him as the love of Maria Bello's life, the empassioned journalist who is trying to sell out and just get by. He kind of looks like Vincent D'Onofrio, so I was thinking he might be better. Then I thought of Tim Robbins. I finally decided the perfect choice would have been John Cusak. He's much more attractive and charming as a leading man and could easily play both the obsessed do-gooder and the down on his luck loser who always shoots himself in the foot. Chris Cooper is solid, as always, as Dickie Pillager. I missed Sayles regular David Straithern, though.