A Good Yarn

Sunday, February 27, 2005

And The Winner Is.....

It's one of my favorite nights of the year - The Academy Awards. I love the recognition of fine work and as a list addict, I love the "Top Five" Films, Actors, etc. I love watching the stars and seeing their clothes, hair, jewelry, etc. I love a funny or a touching speech. I love predicting who is going to win and figuring out who I would vote for.

I like the choices of the Independent Spirit Awards even more most years. This year was probably no exception. My favorite movie swept all of its categories and my favorite documentary won it's category. Here are my picks for this year:

Renee's Top Ten Movies of 1994

1. Sideways
2. Before Sunset
3. Million Dollar Baby
4. Hotel Rwanda
5. The Aviator
6. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
7. Born Into Brothels
8. Bright Young Things
9. Control Room
10. Finding Neverland

And in a special category, the funniest movie I saw this year was Anchorman.