A Good Yarn

Monday, February 07, 2005

Thanks again Secret Pal!!

My secret pal totally rocks! On Wednesday I had a couple of meetings and a conference call. None of my cases are going well right now, so it was really depressing and I was feeling sort of helpless. Afterwards, Jackie and I went to Spice for lunch and sort of processed everything and I felt somewhat better. It helped that my lunch was incredibly good - Basil Noodle. If you're in the Burnsville/Savage/Prior Lake area, I highly recommend this. Even better, I got back to my office and found two boxes on my desk. One was the Berroco Pronto I got on eBay to finish my sister Laura's sweater. The other was from my Secret Pal. After the clients who were waiting for me were taken care of, I ripped into it. First I saw this:

Some nice Valentine's Flowers!! Yeah. She also sent a nice Valentine's Card and some candy:

The Asian themed chocolates were obviously very timely considering my Thai lunch!

SP also indulged my love of purple with these items:

There's a nice blank book. The bracelets are great and that one with the flower is really unusual - I love it! The candle is my favorite - lilac. As you can see, the top of the candle is a flower, so I sort of don't want to burn it. It smells heavenly, so I've just been enjoying the scent, so far.

I also got this:

I LOVE it!! It's so soft and beautiful! I literally held and petted it while I caught up on my blog reading. It was so comforting! Thank you so, so much Secret Pal!!


I was watching American Idol this week and LL Cool J was a guest judge. He's very aptly named. Ladies LOVE Cool James. At least this lady does. He's of course amazingly gorgeous. Unbelievably great body. Extremely talented. And the kindest person ever. Everytime someone was crushed by Simon, LL would go up and give them a hug and comfort them. That would be better than getting on the show!

I also watched this show on Discovery Channel about Pompeii. The first half was a recreation of the volcano eruption. The second half was a documentary about Mt. Vesuvius today. They interviewed three different scientists about it and they were all incredibly beautiful women. There was a volcanologist that easily could be a model. She looked like Mariska Hargitay's sister. Reminded me of when I was in Italy - every single person I saw there was very beautiful. So chic and gorgeous.

Renee's Reviews

Friday night I saw this movie:

Wow. Great movie! Clint Eastwood is probably my favorite director and this is another brilliant movie from his repetoire. The acting of everyone was so good and subtle. The relationship between Eastwood's character and Freeman's character was just so enjoyable to watch. There's a lot of humor, especially with one of the boxers in the gym. But, it also packs an emotional punch. Go see it!


Saturday night I went over to my friend Beth's house and we did a little scrapbooking:

I bought the mini-scrapbook making tools from the Valentine's Day class, so I decided to make a mini-book of a trip to the zoo for Bill:

These small books are a challenge because they're so small that you don't have a ton of space to work with for embellishments and journaling. Here's my favorite page, probably more because of the picture and not my scrapbooking skills:

Super Bowl

We went to Porter's to watch the game - a tradition. We love going there because of the great mix of people. Plus, they don't try to get cute with music and games, etc. Just a couple of drawings and a numbers board. The only thing I don't like about it is it's incredibly smoky and my eyes always hurt by the second half.

I was hoping the Eagles would win, but at least it was a close game. I didn't think there were that many great commercials this year. I did appreciate the marked decrease in commercials featuring bodily functions and scantily clad women, though. I liked the Career Builder commercials, perhaps because I identify with the thought of working with a bunch of chimps. I didn't care for the Fed Ex Burt Reynolds one. The Degree "Mama's Boys" one was pretty bad. My favorite was the Lay's MC Hammer one. Hammer is a good sport! I also liked the Ameriquest "Don't Be Quick to Judge" commercials, especially the cat one. I enjoyed the halftime show, but it was pretty pedestrian.

We recieved our Vikings season ticket renewal in the mail this week, so we've gotta decide whether to renew or not. As usual, the prices went up again. We don't have great seats, but it's still really expensive. The last few years have not been all that much fun and by the end of the season this year, I literally wished I could just stay home and watch the game on tv and get some laundry done. It's so much fun when the team plays well, though. Plus, I hate to give up our seats and start all over again WAY up in the nosebleeds.