A Good Yarn

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


How awesome is my Secret Pal? Right out of the box, first day of the Secret Pal program, and I get a gift certificate from Amazon. I love it! I'm so excited to figure out what to order. I love books and you know I love shopping. I'm trying to decide whether to get a knitting book or a novel. I've got to mull it over.

It's absolutely beautiful in Minnesota this week. We had a little bit of snow on Monday morning - just enough to shovel - but then the sun came out and it was nice and warm. Red and I had a fun snowball fight in the afternoon. While I was in Woodbury, I decided to stop by Bead Gallery and see if they had any cool green or orange beads for Alissa's cuff. I got a couple, but they didn't have all that much that was just right. I did like these big glass hearts, so I decided to buy two and make a pair of earrings:

See how awful those loops on the headpin are? I was talking to the clerk at Bead Gallery about my difficulty with making loops and she made me feel like a complete moron, so I decided to search the internet for pictures and figure out what I was doing wrong. After quite a while, I finally found some that I think helped and I think I'll be able to make better loops now. I decided to practice by making some more stitch markers. I bought a bunch of knitting charms, so I made markers with them. The eye pins are very fine wire, though, so I decided to practice wrapping instead of just making a loop.

I read on someone's blog that these actually don't work very well because they catch on your knitting. I'm going to test drive them and see if I have a problem. If I do, then maybe I'll take them apart and make something else.

Yesterday I got my order from Threadbear:

I had one skein of this from my sister's sweater and she said she'd like a scarf with it. I know a lot of people don't like novelty yarns, but if you do, check this one out. It's so darn soft! I was very happy with my dealings with Threadbear and would definitely order from them again.

Greg had a meeting last night, so I picked up Michael from his after school program. Greg has this meeting every first Tuesday, so I've done this a half dozen times or so. We always have fun with a little nephew-auntie time. We always get some dinner and then last night we went to the dollar store. He had some money from my grandpa burning a hole in his pocket. I also had a goldfish tank which I was going to move my goldfish into, but I never quite got around to it and all but one of my fish died. So, I gave the tank to Michael and then we went to the pet store and he picked out some fish and some tank decoration. It was so fun to see how excited he was about his new fish.

When I got home I finally did a little knitting. It's been a while since I've picked up the needles, other than the Elann samples I knit up. I did a little more work on Alexis' poncho:

I think it's looking really good. I'm trying to decide what to do about the bottom edge. As you can see, it's curling up, but I kind of like it as an edging. She wants fringe on the bottom, so I may just apply the fringe and let that pull down the edge. I may have the most sensual lineup of yarn I've ever had going right now. This yarn is unbelievably soft and pettable. The Suede is really nice and feels like Suede. And then of course, the La Luz silk is like butter. I like my knitting right now!

Time to go. Finbar wants to know when I'm going to let him out again: