A Good Yarn

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pink Poncho

This has been a crazy week. Things went from bad to worse on one of my cases, so I've been scrambling to try to get things taken care of. I did manage to take a little time off on Thursday night to go to a Gopher Women's Basketball game. Unfortunately, they lost pretty badly, but I still had fun.

I also was able to finish the front of the pink poncho for Alexis:

Unfortunately, I think it might be too small. When I first started working on it, I thought it was going to be too big. When I finished, it looks pretty small. Then yesterday I was shopping with Bill at Target and we saw some cute girls' ponchos. It looked like mine was a little bigger than those, so I felt better. Bill decided to buy one of the ponchos for his girlfriend's daughter and I accidentally took it home with my stuff (I swear, it was an accident). So, I had the opportunity to lay it down under my poncho and it's almost exactly the same size and it's a size small. I really think Alexis would need a medium. I'm going to see how much bigger the medium is and see if I can figure something out. Otherwise, Katie may have TWO pink ponchos. :-)

I also received my latest order from Elann. Their prices are so awesome, it's hard to pass up something that I like. I was able to pick up yarn for a couple different sweaters for about $35 each. Since I was so gluttonous, I'm going to show the pictures over a few days instead of all at one time. Today is the sock yarns that I got:

I was reading the new Vogue Knitting yesterday and they showed this cute little dog calendar at the Craft Yarn Council. There's a pug named Finbar in there! Check it out.