A Good Yarn

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Back to knitting content :-)

I finished up the Ruffles scarf for the Red Scarf Project:

I made it shorter than the version in the book because I didn't want to buy another skein of yarn. One skein of Fiesta La Luz does make a scarf that is 4' long. This is plenty long to wear straight, wrapped once or my favorite look, doubled up. Just wrapping it around a few times like a twist tie also looks really cute. If I made one for myself, I think I'd use two different colors for the two sides and thus make it longer so you could wrap it around the neck a couple of times. As you can see, it sort of looks a bit fuzzy and worn already. As I've heard, this yarn doesn't wear extremely well, but a decorative scarf doesn't get a lot of wear.

I loved knitting this scarf and once again, I love Scarf Style. Susan posted a link to a story about the popularity of knitting socks. One yarn shop owner is quoted as saying that people who knit socks knit for the process and people who knit scarves knit for the product. I don't really agree with that. Maybe if all you knit is scarves, but I definitely knit for the process and just love knitting scarves and trying out new patterns and yarns. Just as addictive as socks, which I've also knit without going crazy about it as she also says sock knitters do.