A Good Yarn

Monday, February 28, 2005

New Beginnings

Once again, it was a busy weekend. I wish I could work 4 days per week for longer hours, but that just doesn't really work with my job. The weekends go so fast and I try to fit too much into them. Saturday I managed to finally get a little laundry done and clean a little, but there's still a lot to be done. I need the magical skills of Samantha on Bewitched or Harry Potter.

Saturday night I went over to my friend, Kerry's house. She helped me to try dying my pink yarn for the Florentine Flattery sweater. It was so fun to see how all the different colors looked. We got one that looked close, but after it was dry, it is still not right. We're gonna try again and see if we can get closer. I have been contemplating ripping the whole thing out, but I hate to lose all those months of work. Kerry also gave me some of her hand-made soaps. They're awesome!! I can't wait to try them out. Kerry started a blog - check it out!

Kerry and I decided to take a little trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool this spring. It'll be a fun long weekend! We made all of our travel arrangements on Sunday morning, so it's all set. Now I have to stop spending money so I'll have a nice bankroll to work with in May. I've been doing pretty well with not buying crafty stuff for the last couple of weeks. I did buy a new pair of eyeglasses on Friday though. I've had my current pair for about 5 years, so I really have been wanting to freshen up my look. Marshall Fields had a trunk show, so I had hundreds of pairs to choose from and fell in love with a pair of Ralph Lauren half-rimmed metal frames.

Sunday afternoon Bill, Beth and their kids and I went out for brunch and then the boys and I went to Kidfest. I think they had a great time. They were able to hold a monkey and an alligator, which was really cool.

Sunday night I attended my friend, Robin's, annual Oscar Party. Every year she has a contest. Whoever picks the most awards correctly wins the floral centerpiece. I think I've won every year since she started having the party. This year I tied, which was cool. This was my share of the flowers:

As you can see, she chose purple and yellow for me, which I figured would ruin my chances of winning. I felt very unsure about my picks for Best Actress, Director and Picture and chose wrong on all three categories. I originally picked Eastwood and Baby and then changed my mind because I thought they might finally honor Scorsese for his brilliant career, but not so much. And then I was torn between Blanchett and Madsen and chose Madsen because I thought they might want to recognize Sideways with more than one award, but alas no. I had a feeling those Best Picture and Director awards might ruin my chances to win, but luckily I still tied with 16 correct. She also has a trivia question for a smaller prize and I got that one right also - I won those little Oscar candies at the bottom of the picture.

New Projects

With all the FOs you've seen on this page, I've been able to cast on a couple of new projects. I finally started my Mariah for the knitalong:

As you can see, I chose another bright pink color. This is some of my Berella Muskoka stash - one of my favorite yarns which has been discontinued, so I buy it up on eBay occasionally. It's 100% merino superwash, so it's very soft and machine washable. It was very affordable too. This is the first sleeve on Mariah and so far I really like. I love cabled projects!

I also started the Rainbow Bag kit for our Beaded Knitting Group Knitalong:

This shows the side of the flap that I'm going to fold down, since I like the other side better. This is a little envelope style bag knitted in Gems Topaz Merino. I really like this yarn. It's also 100% merino wool. All of the beads are different types of beads, so it's been fun to try out all those different types of beads. I'd only ever used seed beads on my knitting before, but these other shapes work pretty well and open up some other good possibilities.