A Good Yarn

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Got Yarn?

I've been mulling over Norma's yarn database and thinking it's probably a good idea for me too. I have a database of patterns from knitting magazines so I can find a pattern based on gauge or a certain yarn or technique. It's deadly dull to enter the data, though. I organized my yarn into boxes by gauge and put labels on the outside of the box last year. However, I haven't kept it up with newer yarns and I find I still have to look through multiple boxes to try to figure out what I have that might work for a certain project. The idea of a yarn database is very tempting to me, but I wasn't looking forward to the data entry. A picture-based database sounds like a good way to do it. Plus, then I can look at my stash any time I want without leaving my computer! So, I'm gonna start with all new yarns I buy and try to make up the old stuff as I go.

I'll start with this yarn from my last Elann purchase.

It's an alpaca and tencel mix. Very soft and lovely.


I cast on for a hat for my sister, Laura. Her birthday is Friday, so I'll send it off with a gift certificate.

It's Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky, an alpaca wool mix. It's nice and soft and I don't think it will be scratchy on her head. Blue Sky is a Minnesota company, so I like to support them and they have great yarns. I'm not fond of knitting such bulky yarn. It's fast, though, that's for sure. The pattern I'm using (from Lion Brand) calls for picking up and knitting flaps on the sides, but I haven't decided whether I will do that or not. I think she'd like ear flaps, but I'm not sure.

I've also made a little progress on my Mariah sleeve:

I'm loving it! I finished one repeat of the knotwork and have started the second. This is interesting to knit because it's so thickly cabled, but it's mostly the same twists, so it's easy to remember.


I know I shouldn't feel this way because we've had the easiest winter ever, but I'm really struggling with cabin fever. I'm sick of wearing a big heavy coat and I want to switch over to my summer clothes! As you can see, Finbar is still enjoying the snow:

He's shaking off the snow because he just finished rolling around in it.