A Good Yarn

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I Have Nothing....

I hate coming up with those titles. I have nothing - one of Greg's and my favorite inside jokes. I love my brother!

I haven't been knitting so much over the last few days, so I have nothing to show you, either (I guess that title is very appropriate). I swatched for the Lucky Clover Knitalong with my Elann Baby Alpaca. I didn't make a full 4" swatch and I didn't block it, so I may be totally off, but I think I got gauge on the first try. I'll check the gauge frequently while I'm knitting to be sure I don't run into any nasty surprises at the end. This yarn is so very nice and soft. I probably should use it in something all stockinette, but I think it'll be good for this sweater and I really wanted to use something from stash.

The stash documentation is ongoing. One of the diskettes I had pictures on somehow went bad, though, so I'll have to re-take another batch of pictures. Once I have the database done, it won't be so time consuming to go through all my boxes and figure out if I have something with the right gauge. Of course, I'll have to go through them all to actually FIND the yarn I want....

I saw this movie this weekend:

I really liked it. The animation was amazing. There's a really cool scene where the robots on the poster are being transported around the Robot City in this big ball cage through a series of Rube Goldberg type devices. So awesome! I know Robin Williams has played this type of character a million times before, but I still find it highly amusing. The boys just loved the movie.

Painting - Not my Forte

Yesterday I took a glassware painting class with some friends from a really cool artist. She had some glass pieces we could use or we could bring our own, so I made a vase from her collection because I liked the shape, and a set of porcelin bowls that I brought. My vase doesn't look so hot, but I liked my bowls. She gave us a nice tutorial on the paint and supplies and showed us a number of things she had done as well as some pieces others had made in classes. We also enjoyed some nice cheese and crackers and wine, so it was a really fun, low-hassle day. She is going to cure our pieces for us, which is really nice, so after I get them back, I'll post a picture. If you're looking for a fun afternoon activity with some friends, I highly recommend this class. Everyone's pieces looked great, regardless of the person's level of painting expertise.

Renee's Restaurant Reviews

Afterwards, I dropped by Scott Ja-Mama's to pick up some ribs for dinner. Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine's cover story this month is about the best barbeque in the Twin Cities. Greg and I love barbeque, so since I was in the neighborhood, I figured it would be a great time to try this place out. Greg's had them before and really liked them, but I never had. I liked the sauce a lot, but the meat was a lot chewier than I like. I prefer the fall off the bone type of cooking. They were super busy - I think the magazine article has increased the business a lot right now - so perhaps it was drier than they usually are. Greg said they're usually more succulant. We also tried the steak sandwich and that was outstanding.

While I was waiting for the food, I just walked down the street and found myself standing in front of a beadstore. It's call Beadhive. Very nice store with a good selection. They have some nice African beads, which you can't find at every store in town. I was very good and only picked up some findings so I can make a necklace of the leftover beads to match Alissa's bracelet.

I've got an apheresis donation scheduled at the Red Cross this morning, so I'd better hop in the shower and get ready.