A Good Yarn

Thursday, March 10, 2005

We're Counting!

Fiona woke me up early this morning, so I was only about half awake when I opened the door - and jumped when I saw all white. So much for the lovely spring day we had on Sunday. It's just a light coating, though, so it should disappear shortly. The dogs sure loved it!

Stash Documentation

The Great Stash Documentation Project (inspired by Norma) has begun! The server problems seem to have been solved, so I finally was able to set up my inventory page. My hope is to have a central place where I can easily find out what I already have in stash that will work for a project I'm interested in.

It should also keep me from buying too much more yarn. Being able to see what I've already got and the time spent going through the boxes and bags, taking pictures, putting them in the database...should be satisfying, right? Didn't work very well last night when I started knitting up my Elann samples. The letter carrier put my samples envelope into an unused mailbox on the outside of our office building, so it wasn't discovered until yesterday. Luckily, the yarn I fell in love with was already sold out, so I was saved from myself.

Stash History

Back when I first learned to knit, I only worked on one project at a time. I bought the yarn for that project right when I was ready to cast on. Seemed sensible because I didn't really know what I was doing so I was satisfied with just figuring out that one project. Plus, I didn't have much money back then so buying yarn I wasn't going to be able to knit wasn't as attractive as buying food or paying rent. I caught the knitting bug and really loved. I figured out the basics and felt confident in my projects. Then the turning point arrived.

We used to have this store called Bank's. They sold overstocks and such. They took in the stock of a yarn store that had caught on fire. The insurance company dumped all of the remaining stock at Bank's. There was tons and tons of great stuff and everything was 1/2 the pricetag. This was before knitting was so popular - something like that would probably sell out in one or two days now. I went one day and bought a bunch of kits and bags of yarn. So exciting! Went back again and bought some more stuff. Still exciting! Went back a couple more times. A stash was born. It was very exciting to have so many possibilities. I figured I'd now have yarn on hand if I wanted to start a new project and didn't have any cash to buy new yarn. I still have some of that yarn in my stash.

Turning Point #2. The internet blows up and I join the knit list. Every day I read about other people's projects and fantastic yarn they've bought. I'm very susceptible to advertising and trends. So I gotta hop on the bandwagon and get me some of that good stuff! I also started attending knitting events like Yarnover and Stitches and having so many yarn stores all in one place is so convenient and it's so great to have something that reminds you of the event. So, now I've got a huge stash and I'll probably never be able to knit everything up. But, I keep on buying and having a hard time selling or giving away stuff.

Speaking of Yarnover, I got my class assignment - I'll be taking a class on knitting 2 socks on 2 circulars. And shopping at the market :-)

Newest Additions

Here's the last bit I bought at Elann last month:

I loved this yarn, which I used to knit the neck on my sister Laura's sweater, so I picked up some teal for a sweater for me. I'm not that fond of such bulky yarn, but I think it'll be ok for a shell type sweater.

I also bought some more Muskoka on ebay:

This is one of my old favorites and it's been discontinued, so when I see good colors on eBay, I pick it up. I have a big credit on paypal because an auction I won a while ago was cancelled, so I got my money back. Since it's already long gone from my checking account, I don't count it :-)