A Good Yarn

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm So Confused...

I'm really out of sorts, because I've messed up my schedule.

Tuesday I met up with Melissa and went to the Knitter's Guild monthly meeting. The topic this month was on designing and we saw some lovely examples. I didn't have time to go home after work to pick up some knitting to bring to the meeting, so I started my new car knitting project:

Yep, another pair of socks. That's the yarn I got at Yarn Cafe last month. I love the pretty stripes! It's not especially soft yarn, but I'll bet it will wear very well. Melissa was working on the cutest fish blanket, using Shine, from Knit Picks. OH my GOODNESS! I LOVE this yarn. It's so soft and has a lovely hand. And it comes in lovely colors with a nice bit of shine. I wish I didn't already have so much yarn and could buy a bunch of this.

I did buy one skein of yarn yesterday. I wanted to stop by Bead Monkey to pick up a few beads for some earrings that a friend requested. Since I was in the neighborhood, I thought I'd stop by Needlework Unlimited. I'm doing a kit for the Beaded Knitting Group in June and was looking for kit materials at Bead Monkey and needles at NU. I picked up a couple of patterns, the new Knitters, and this "kit"

I didn't really consider this a regular purchase, though. It's only one skein and proceeds from the sale of this yarn go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This kit and a scarf kit are available from 7 local shops involved in the Knit for the Cure group. This is a very nice, soft yarn and I think it'll be a really cute purse.

I got off my schedule because I was up late watching this:

Yeah, I'm a geek and proud of it. Unfortunately, I'm not geeky enough to stand in line for hours, so we ended up with crappy seats way in the front and to the side, so half the screen wasn't in focus for me. It was also EXTREMELY hot in the theater. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the film. Lots of action and less of the stilted exposition of Episodes I and II. Really fits in nicely between Ep II and IV. The acting and dialog still sucked. But, that's not what you go to a Star Wars movie for, right? The light saber fights were awesome. The completion of the mythology made sense and was very satisfying.