A Good Yarn

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I appreciate all the feedback I received on my buttonhole bag. It was nearly unanimous to leave it with one flower, so that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully the recipient of the bag will like it.

I was going to let off a little steam about how my allergies are kicking my ass right now, but Carrieoke's latest post really put that into perspective. My heart is broken over the devastation in the gulf coast area. I've been meaning to visit New Orleans for a long time and now it'll never be the same. I feel so badly for everyone's losses. Frequent readers of this blog may remember my posts about one of my favorite bands, Cowboy Mouth. They are based in NOLA and I'd love to know how they're doing and give a word of encouragement. Unfortunately, their website is down. Their server is probably located in NOLA. I'm sure you've heard by now that Susan and Margene are coordinating a drive for donations from knitters. Please do what you can.

On a happier note, I stopped by Target after court on Tuesday. I always like to browse their "Dollar Spot" section for RAOKs and my eyes got big when I found an entire section of knitting supplies. I picked up some of the stuff:

The knitting booklet has 4 patterns designed for the Target yarn. There are 4 different booklets. The tubes are knitting needles and crochet hooks. They're listed as bamboo, but they seem like some sort of cheap wood. I'm gonna try to wax them up and see if they're usable. The pink yarn is a boucle. The lavendar yarn is a fluffy novelty - reminds me to Whisper. The multi-color one is a railroad yarn. They also had a line of acrylics, but I don't need any more acrylic yarn. I don't really need any of this stuff, but for $1, I couldn't resist. And I want to encourage Target to carry cool knitting stuff. This yarn is much nicer than the cotton yarn they had in their knitting kits.

I had lunch with Saralee yesterday and showed her the hearts sweater. To my great relief, she loved it. She wasn't worried at all that it's pretty big for a toddler. The pattern is meant to be oversized and she said I'd be surprised by how large her granddaughter is. I started sewing the pieces together so she would have a good idea of what the sweater will look like when done. When I sewed the sleeve onto the body, it became obvious that it was way too short. I looked more closely at the chart (this is all charted out) and realized at one point the second size expands more quickly than the smallest size and I had continued to follow size 1. Luckily, the first row of hearts is the same, other than a couple of edge stitches that I'm going to fudge, so I don't need to re-do any intarsia. It'll look much better once I knit the 2nd size.

Last night I set it aside, though, and knit up my Elann samples for September. All of the offerings this month will be bulky yarns, which I don't really knit with much. Probably good, though, since I don't need any more yarn.