A Good Yarn

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Spice of Life

I was FORCED to do it. I cast on a new project for the first time since March.

It's a buttonhole bag! I decided to do the TC SnB BHB exchange, so I needed to knit one up. I originally thought I'd be able to finish one of my current projects in time to cast on and make the bag, but I'm slower than I thought. The exchange may be done next week, so I need to get it done. As you can see, I got most of it knit last night. I am up to the top area in the pattern, but I'm thinking about making it just a little longer. Happily, I had this Lamb's Pride in stash already (originally intended to make another felted bag with a funky fur trim).

I also blocked the heart sweater sleeve last night:

Isn't it cute? So short and chubby, just like real baby arms!

I got a great RAOK yesterday.

Tori sent me this book, which I've been wanting to read for a while. She also included those very cute stitch markers that you see on the cover - you know how much I love stitch markers!!

Yesterday I left work a bit early to catch a matinee:

Very cute, sweet movie. This would be a great movie to take a teen girl to. These young women are very good actresses! Since I left work before I was finished with everything I need to do, I'll have to go into the office this weekend. I also need to finish up my book for Book Club, finish up the buttonhole bag and make the peppers and crostini for book club. It's also my niece, Jessica's, birthday tomorrow, so we'll be doing something to celebrate. It'll be a busy weekend!!