A Good Yarn

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Markers!

Yes, I'm obssessed with stitch markers. I got my first batch of markers in the Stitch Marker Swap. Once again, I apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures. I need to start taking these home and using my home digital camera. Or, you know, figure out how to use my camera.

These are some very pretty emerald green and some nice brown ones.

Very nice green ones! I don't have many with the big ring, so the ones on the left will be good if I'm doing some felting or something.

I just got these today. I'm very taken with these. Probably the colors - my old favorites. Purple and red. I love the swirls on the red beads too.

Thanks Stitch Marker Swappers!! I love them!

I forgot to mention I finished HP and the Goblet of Fire. Loved it! I can't wait to see the movie this winter. I feel very left out on the HP6 mania, but I've gotta read HP5 first. I've been trying to read them just before the movie comes out, so that it's still fresh in my mind when I see the film. I started our next Book Club Selection:

This was my suggestion to the Club. I chose it because it sounds pretty interesting and it was a Book of the Year from Entertainment Weekly a couple of years ago. Every year I try to read the EW best book (either fiction or non-fiction) and usually enjoy them immensely.