A Good Yarn

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Goodies

I saw another one of the Documentary finalists:

This was an interesting one. It follows a group of soldiers in Fallujah in January, 2004 - that's when the whole situation in Fallujah started getting violent. Part of their mission was to do community outreach, so there's a lot of footage of soldiers talking to Iraqi citizens. It was really interesting to hear what the Iraqis thought about troops being in Fallujah. There's also a lot of discussion about what the purpose of the war is, why the soldiers joined the Army and the pressure by the Army to re-enlist. They had lost one of their fellow soldiers in a bomb blast and a lot of them were really burned out and bitter from that experience. I wish some of the folks who say that any criticism of the war is unpatriotic and disrespectful of the soldiers would see this film.

Yesterday I received a nice RAOK from Susan.

Such a great surprise!!! I LOVE magazines and anyone whose read this blog knows I'm a crazy dog lady. Thanks Susan!!

I also got some free yarn:

It came with some pattern leaflets too. It's actually a little less dark and more coppery than that picture. I actually really like the color and am thinking I may just make myself a scarf with it. It'd be nice to have 2 skeins, though, so I may keep my eye out for this yarn at the craft stores. This was a free giveaway from Bernat to try it out.

After the fantastic game on Monday Night Football (Vikes SWEEP Pack! Yeah!!), I started a new project. I decided to do the hat knitalong that Susan's doing on her blog with my new yarn from my Secret Pal.

I like the color gradations on this yarn. I really need a new hat, so I figured I'd enjoy this great green in the cold, bleak winter months.