A Good Yarn

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thanks Secret Pal!

I got a Secret Pal package on Friday! I got some really cute green yarn:

It looks like it will knit up with a pretty cool gradation of color - should be fun to knit up! The card you see in the background is gorgeous - besides the pretty colors, it has a velvety texture on the red patterns. I also got some goodies:

Yummy! I can't wait to try some of those jellies - two of my favorite flavors, strawberry and blueberry! The soap is also a favorite - I just love soaps. This one smells delightful! Thanks so much pal, I love it all!!

I saw this film twice this weekend:

Loved it! GoF was my favorite HP book and they had to cut a lot out of it to make a 2 1/2 hour movie, but they still captured the essence of the book and added to the ongoing movie series. The film deftly captures the fun of magic, a lot of humor, the emotions of the main characters on the verge of full blown adolescence and the epic struggle of good v. evil, all in equally effective parts. The kids did a really nice job with the acting. I thought Emma Watson as Hermione was particularly effective. There were a few clunker lines by Danielle Radcliffe, but that may have been the writing more than the acting. I loved Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter. The other Tri-Wizard champions were well cast as well - Cedric Diggory and Victor Krum both looked pretty much exactly as I had imagined them and were very attractive. Fleur Delacour wasn't quite as beautiful as the book described, but it would have been hard to cast such a siren.

I saw the film Friday night with my niece and nephew at an Imax theater. It was my first time seeing a theatrical release in Imax and I really liked it. On such a huge screen it's easy to see all the details in the background and the sound is really good. Maybe because it was one of the first showings, the audience was really into it and there was more reaction to the film - more laughing, more sadness, etc. There were three kids sitting in front of us that were dressed up - 2 Harrys (one in robes and one in school sweater) and Hermione and looked fantastic. Saturday I took Red and Ben to see it at a regular theater. Red was a bit scared during the battle with Voldemort, but they both did well with such a long movie. I was a bit worried they'd be bored and unable to pay attention. Since I already saw the film, I knit on my Lucky band during the Saturday show:

35 of 63 inches completed. I got most of that done yesterday during the AK get together and HP. It's deadly dull, but easier to take when you're distracted. You may notice a couple of snow flakes on that band - it's snowing a bit today.

I had to take out a new computer diskette to take these photos and found some older pictures of the dogs. I sit at the dining room table to blog - sometimes they gather around me - here's Fiona sitting in the dog bed under the table and Finbar sitting right next to me. I edited my big white thigh out of the left side of this photo:

Here's a close up of Fiona in the dog bed. Finbar sits in there sometimes too. Since they're in such a small space, I think they think it's their den and they're wolves:

Here's an extreme closeup of Fiona:

Sometimes Finbar doesn't sit next to me, he sits on the sofa behind me. Today he crawled up onto the back of the sofa so that I would pet him and pay attention to him:

Who could resist those cute faces?