A Good Yarn

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Remember Knitting?

I do actually knit occasionally. It's been a while, though. I totally wasted Saturday. I have virtually no idea where the day went. I did a lot of sleeping and some shopping with my brother. We also went to Tiger Sushi at the Mall of America for the first time. This is an idea that was way over due. A ton of Japanese tourists go to Mall of America, so a sushi bar is a natural. Not to mention that the Mall has about everything in it - they should have something as ubiquitous as a sushi bar. We went a little after 9:00 and the place was packed. It's a pretty small place with 20 - 25 seats at the sushi bar and 12 or so small tables around the perimeter. Overall it was pretty good. I got gyoza to start and it was different than any I've had before. The noodle part was very thin and filled with a meat and veggie mixture. There was no dipping sauce, but we had already gotten a spicy Tiger Sauce and soy sauce with Wasabi and pickled ginger, so I used that. I don't think I'd order that again. The miso soup had some small pieces of tempura in it, which was ok, but I prefer just green onions and tofu. We also had Tiger Balls - salmon nigiri with black and white sesame seeds. They were good. They served beer and sake, but no cocktails. The main event is the sushi and it was good. Greg got the sashimi platter and enjoyed it all. I got Bluefin Tuna, which was good, Albacore Tuna, which was excellent and Salmon, which was just ok. The Tiger Balls were actually better. This is definitely a good stop if you enjoy Sushi and are shopping at MOA - much better than the food court sushi I had there before.

Sunday I watched the football game and was amazed and astounded that they actually won. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but I'm a little less depressed than I was two weeks ago. Then I saw this film with some friends:

I liked it, but didn't love it. It's about two boys whose parents, both writers, are getting divorced. The parents share custody, with the boys moving from home to home every day. Each child takes the side of one parent, but pretty much everyone in this film is really fucked up. The parents are both very selfish and self-centered. Their child-rearing leaves a lot to be desired. The oldest son is devoid of any original thought and adopts his father's opinions on everything from literature to relationships to their home. The youngest son has discovered alcohol and masturbation and spends most of his time on one or the other. A lot of the dialog and characterizations really rang true and it was interesting to see how these boys would survive the family, but I didn't find any great insight in the film.

Getting back to knitting, I did finally block the first sleeve of my Lucky Clover Wrap.

I'm almost finished with the second sleeve as well. I fear these sleeves will be way too long. They're not too small around as I feared, but they're really long. Since I'm so close to finishing the second, I'm just going to try to sew it together and if it's unwearable, I'll rip it out and re-knit. Since it's been a while since I've shown this project, here's a close up of the lace again - it's getting better the more I knit it.