A Good Yarn

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Green Swap

When I returned to the office yesterday, I found a nice box on my desk. I was kind of dreading going back to the office and getting back into the daily grind, but I gotta keep on living and I gotta make some money to pay off those vet bills. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit how pleased I was to get a present. I can't believe I'm that materialistic, but I really am. Here's the box:

Yep, it was my Project Spectrum Swap for May. The timing couldn't have been better. Loved the pretty green paper and I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but even the peanuts were green. Love those little touches! Here's what was inside:

In the front, from left to right:

*a mini Kacha counter. How cool is that? I've never even seen one of these. I love my kachas and this one you can put on a string around your neck - perfect! And it's a pretty green!

*a very pretty green pen. I love pens! Maybe sometime I'll post my pen cups.

*a kaleidoscope. I don't have one of these and have been meaning to pick one up and just never got around to it - thanks! For those who aren't aware, you can use one of these to see how different colors work together in patterns when planning something like a fair isle sweater.

*a green Chibi. Love the Chibis! This is a good addition in my quest to own chibis in all the colors. I told you I'm materialistic.

Coming back around in the back:

*a bag of green jelly bellies! I love Jelly Bellies!! These will definitely be eaten up - I may even share. Maybe.

*a skein of sock yarn

*a garden in a bag - Basil. So cool! My favorite thing to eat over the summer is Caprese salad, so I'll be starting these seeds up right away!

Wait, let's go back. What about that yarn. Did you notice it?

Yes, it's Austermann Step with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. SO COOL!!! On Friday night at SSP a few of us were talking about this yarn and trying to figure out how it would work and if it would be nice and let me tell you friends, it's really nice. It feels really soft. It doesn't feel oily or anything, but you can feel the softness. I guess kind of like those kleenex with lotion in them. But much nicer. I'm just thrilled to have some of this and can't wait to try them out and wear them! My feet get really dry in the wintertime here in Minnesota and this could be very good.

What a great box of goodies, huh? My super fantastic swap pal is Kim. Thank you so much Kim! This PS Swap thing is so awesome! Both months I've had a ball putting together my box for my pal and been absolutely thrilled with the gifts I've gotten. Lynne, you're brilliant!