A Good Yarn

Monday, May 22, 2006

Thanks Again

I was just blown away by the encouragement and support expressed by my blogging friends. (and my non-blogging friends, of course). This whole blogging thing is sort of strange. You sit in front of your computer and post thoughts and feelings and your life and you're never really sure who or even if anyone is reading or caring. Then something horrible happens and you realize that people really are reading and they really do care. Thank you so much!

Things are getting a little bit easier every day. I tried to keep myself busy and distracted and out of the house as much as possible over the weekend. I didn't have all that much planned for the weekend, which is really unusual. I usually look forward to those weekends because it gives me a chance to catch up on some housework and watch some movies or tv and knit. But, being around the house was just too depressing. Everywhere I look, I remember Finbar sitting there, next to me. He used to follow me around the house and sit close, watching out for any danger. So, busy and with people was a good salve to the soul.

Friday I had scheduled a visit to one of the kids I am a GAL for in southern Minnesota, so that took me pretty much all day. I was going to call it off, but I'm really glad I didn't. It was nice to be distracted by other people's problems instead of just my own. Friday night was the Sip, Stitch and Pitch night at the St. Paul Saints game, sponsored by Ginko Coffee and Borealis Yarns. I was way too out of it to remember to bring a camera, so I don't have any pictures. However, it was a nice night. I went on a bus with a group from Needlework Unlimited and they surprised us with t-shirts proclaiming us Designated Knitters - cute and you can see some pictures if you follow that link to NU! We arrived too late for the yarn swap or to receive one of the free skeins of Plymouth Encore. However, one of us, Shelley, won the fastest knitter contest. She won a 5 pound Salted Nut Roll. That's one big candy bar, I'll tell you! Meleah won the X-Men mutant contest with her very impressive elbow trick. They also had other fun stuff like throwing a giant ball of yarn into a giant coffee cup, avoiding the "kitty", a guy who sang "The Sweater Song" by Weezer, the team mascot knitting a garter stitch scarf, which she finished and wrapped around the announcer at the end of the evening, and little pink pig stitch markers thrown into the audience. All of the knitters were in one section, so it was really fun to sit outside (on a GORGEOUS evening) and knit and see a baseball game or a lot of other knitters, depending on where you looked. I'm very glad I went.

Saturday was a little tougher. I managed to do some housework and FINALLY mow the lawn. I went with Bill and his family to see this film:

It was cute. There's a family of porcupines with thick Minnesota accents that I found quite familiar and enjoyable. Steve Carell did his usual hilarious job voicing a manic squirrel. Being around the kids is always uplifting for me and the margarita I had at dinner afterwards wasn't so bad either.

Sunday I did a little crafting:

I made my bead project for May Project Spectrum, but no matter how hard I tried, I coudln't get a good picture. I cannot figure out how to take close up pictures of small things with my camera.

It was from a kit from The Bead Monkey, so here's how it looks in another colorway:

The kit comes with the makings for two rings. I made them both up, but I really only need one to wear, so if anyone else wants the other ring, email me or coment and I'll send it out. If more than one person is interested, I'll do a drawing.