A Good Yarn

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day!

It's nice to have a long weekend, isn't it? I got a lot of cleaning done around the house, so I feel so much better about that. Every stitch of clothing in the house is clean and I've been working on the ironing for the last week. Now I just have to work on getting rid of stuff. Thanks everyone who's been taking the magazines and sampler stuff off my hands!

I finished up the fingerless gloves:

Project Name: Fingerless Gloves
Pattern Source: Southwest Trading Company Leaflet
Yarn: Artyarns Cashmere 5
Yarn Source: Needlework Unlimited
Date Started: 8/29/06
Date Completed: 9/3/06

Comments: This is the softest, most luxurious yarn I've ever seen. When I picked up a skein in the yarn store, everything else felt like straw in comparison. So I decided I had to have a skein and I had to wear it next to some very sensitive skin. So wristers seemed like the best solution. I had a leaflet for SWTC Karaoke fingerless gloves and this yarn is the same gauge and almost the same yardage as Karaoke, so pattern and yarn were perfectly matched. On the first one I forgot to keep the two stitches on either side of the middle cables in purl. I noticed when I was almost finished with it and I was about to rip the whole thing up, but I remembered I could just ladder down and pick it back up in purl, which I did. I think it looks just like I knit it that way. These are very, very soft and very warm.

I bought one more skein of sock yarn last week - I was shopping for one of my exchanges and I just couldn't resist these bright colors:

I think I'm going to make a scarf, not socks, with this yarn. It'll be a real pick me up this winter when it's dark and gloomy out.

I have a few more magazines to give away, too. This time Crochet:

September 2005

November 2005

And Handwoven:

January/February 2006

November/December 2005